Thursday, November 20, 2008

Springs and Shams

I loaded my Smore's quilt onto the frame tonight and I was just about done when I ran out of bobbin thread. It was all going so well and it all ended so horribly.

I had some threads stuck. I couldn't get them lose. I removed all removable parts including a spring. I cleaned it out. I went to put the spring back on and it was missing. I totally blamed Mike and I shouldn't have. But, in the mean time I'm springless and can't use my frame. =( I can't finish my quilt. =(

I'll have to take the machine to Frank's tomorrow after work to see if he has a spring.

I'd like to get the pillow shams for my bed made. I went to reference my post from when I made them the last time. I had found this awesome tutorial. Only's GONE. No tutorial and I have no idea what size to make my shams. Can anyone out there in blog land do me a favor and measure a pillow sham that you have as well as the size that the actual pillow part should be?

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Kristie said...

Oh how terrible! I sure hope it is not a big deal to get it fixed! I bet you are just jerking by not having your machine going!!! I can't wait to see your smores quilt quilted. What design did you used in your quilting?

I'm sorry, I can't help with the shams, I don't have any on my bed, only pillowcases! I sure hope you find out!