Thursday, November 6, 2008

Talk about some major Quilted Productivity!!

I love quilting on my frame; but there are days when it frustrates me. Most of it is user error! I’ve learned that flanges are not my friend. Next time I make a quilt if I really want a flange I’ll stitch it down with water solulable thread before I load it on the frame and then take that out afterwards. My foot kept getting caught on the flange. No matter how I held it down with my fingers it just wasn’t working well. I had to do a lot of stopping and starting. From now on I’ll just stick to a really thin inner border.

I used a 30 Weight Variegated Sulky Cotton Thread. I had originally purchased 2 spools of it to quilt my Bargello Quilt last fall. At the last minute I switched to a brighter fall colored Variegated. I actually started with a Sand Variegated but after 30 seconds I decided it was too bright and ripped it out. The Sulky thread was much prettier. That being said; I’ll continue to use these two spools until they are gone but I won’t be purchasing any additional of that style to use on the frame. Even with Sewers Aide there were more thread breaks than I care to endure.

Without further ado, here’s Linda’s quilt.



It was still pretty early so I decided to put a Harvest Panel on the frame. I used a tan backing fabric that was in my stash. It was fabric from the J-store and since I’m using less and less of that it’s nice to use a piece up on a backing of something that really isn’t earth shatteringly important. That quilted up in no time. My only stops were to change the bobbin. I was able to use up three bobbins that only had a little left on them. This panel will go on our front door until it’s time to decorate for Christmas.


I was able to dig through my stash to find some fabric to use for binding. It’s funny, before getting my cabinet with the glass doors I was more apt to go out and buy things as I needed. Now I’m able to look in there and think, hmmm I bet I could use that. I don’t have much of a stash but I do still have a few pieces that I think wow, it’s pretty but why did I buy it without a purpose in mind? Slowly but surely those pieces are making their way into projects.

I bought some backing fabric the other day so that I could get this Froggie Yellow Brick Road quilt for Mike’s nephew finished. Mike’s brother, wife & niece are currently on a plane travelling to China where they will meet and take home their new family member; Matthew. I sewed the backing together and I was just going to load it on the frame. Next thing I knew I was quilting it and before I knew it, the quilt was quilted. It’s funny though, I used YLI thread and Bottom Line in the bobbin…the very same combo that I tried using on the Halloween quilt that I’m still ripping on. I had no problems this time. Maybe the spool just was a little too rough and the thread was hanging up on it? The spool pin wasn’t tall enough to use a proper cap on? I don’t know what the difference was, I’m just happy that it worked.



I decided that I’m going to take the extra backing fabric and use it for a border on the Boy version of the Jellyin’ Around quilt that I have in my 'to be quilted' pile.


I think the next few weeks I’m going to busy myself with getting the quilts in my “to be quilted” pile all quilted up. I can then bind them, label them and they’ll be ready to go for when they’re needed. I just want to see the bottom of that bin, I’m now on a mission!

At some point during my little quilt a thon, I had just set a new bobbin in the machine so I was taking a few practice stitches off to the side and I managed to get the thread wound around the closed darning foot. It pulled on the needle and I ended up putting the needle right through the clear plastic that is in the center of the foot. Mike rescued me by pulling out a small drill bit to re-bore the hole since it had plastic hung up in it and then he buffed the whole area down so it would be nice and smooth again.

I’d like to point out that with the Froggie YBR quilt I used the very last of my 96” wide by 30 yard bolt of Hobbs 80/20 batting. It lasted 11 months. That was a very good purchase. In anticipation of it’s running out I ordered a new bolt this past Monday and it’s already been delivered. Now I just need to break it out of its box and plastic wrapping and drag it upstairs to QSE.

I just wanted to say that I do intend to put out another Applique Class session soon. Everytime I think I'm going to have time to work on it something else comes up. I also keep trying to think through what the next logical step would be and that keeps changing! I might just have to write up the next few sessions and after the class is completely finished then go back and re-organize everything.


Kristie said...

Wow! That sure is ALOT of quilting!! They all look lovely.

quiltygal said...

Hi Jen just surfed in from Quilting bloggers you were in their random blogs list ...just laughed myself silly at your mum & the gloves :)my dog ended up on my lap crying at Holly barking its good to be able to laugh like that... you are very productive love your quilts..hope you can pop over to my blog & visit:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen

You have made some lovely quilts!

I love the Froggie yellow Brick Road and Jellyin'Around quilts.

Thanks for sharing,

swooze said...

Wow Jen. Love all the eye candy. You sure have been productive. Thanks for sharing it all.