Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day to all who served or are currently serving. Thank you!!

Here's another finish. It's the Boy Eclipse version of yesterday's Girl Eclipse. This was a Jelly Roll; not sure what attracted me to it but the first thought was not baby quilt. I think I was looking for something simple to start one day so that's when it got started.



I like this quilt a lot more now that it has the blue border on it. It still wouldn't be my first choice in baby quilts.

I've been tossing around the idea of putting this one and yesterdays on Etsy and just seeing if they sell. If they sell, they sell if not they wait for babies we know to be born and can still be gifted. On the other hand, by the time I added up just what I spent to make the quilt; not even adding in the time it took me to make it from start to finish it's probably more expensive than the average person would pay for a baby quilt.

On the other hand...I could also finish up Harvest Spice and put that UGLY beautiful quilt on Etsy just to see if it would go anywhere!

So I was hand sewing the labels on downstairs in the living room. My whole reason for hand sewing is so that I have something to do while I'm watching TV with Mike. I lost a needle. Mike tried banning me from hand sewing downstairs. Uh, you do realize I'm never coming out of my quilt studio again if that ban goes into effect right? All I'd need would be a mini fridge and a DVR and I'd be set. Oh wait, forget the mini fridge. If I had good treats Mike would come visit me and maybe bring me beverages!!


Regina said...

I say put em up - or put them up on your "other" blog - see what happens (that way you don't have to pay anyone any fees if they don't sell)

Ditto with the "beautiful quilt" - at least now it is in season!

Kristie said...

If they don't sell, you will always have them for gifts!!!

I tease Richard that when I finally get my sewing room, I am having a mini fridge and a microwave and if he wants to see me he will have to call for an appointment!!!! :)

buettnermj said...

the only way you would have been banned is if I would have stepped on it.....

jillquilts said...

He tried to ban you??? Too funny!!!