Monday, November 10, 2008

Woo hoo! We have a garage finally!

I got the borders put onto 4 baby quilts and got them all quilted. I’ll show them one as a time once they get their binding put on. I'm sort of in "finish it up" mode. I'd like to get my "to be quilted" bin empty before the holiday projects start.

This one is Chutes & Ladders fabric by Moda and the pattern is Eclipse by Blue Underground. I started off with a jelly roll. Once I put the blocks together I wasn’t all that fond of the fabric. Then I decided to use them for baby quilts so I broke the blocks up into two sets of 20 and made a girl version and a boy version. Once those were together I liked the fabric even less. While Jill was here, her, Jen & I went out to Mill House Quilts in Waunakee where Jen spotted the fabric I needed. Now that the border is on, it really makes the quilt look much cuter. Still not my favorite but I won’t feel too bad about giving it away.



Mike and I had Chinese food for dinner and we toasted to Matthew!

We FINALLY after being in our townhouse since Mid-June got our garage and it's nice and close. Not having one ticked me off because that was one of the things we were promised when we signed our lease in APRIL. Every month there was someone new ahead of us in on the Garage list. I think Mike finally got thru to them because we now have a 2 car garage! The best part about it is that the garage is maybe 150 feet from our door. My main concern with wanting either a garage or a closer parking spot was knowing how pokey rental companies are with shoveling and plowing. Even if they do come to do it early enough, then you're climbing the bank of snow that they've covered the walk ways with. After all the snow we had last year and number of times I got stuck and having to climb 6 foot high mountains of snow to get through on the walk way I wanted to be closer than my spot which was a city block away.


Moneik said...

Glad you got the garage and a 2 car is awesome! I wish ours was clean enough to use, but we have a 4 wheeler in it instead of the car.

KyQuiltlady said...

It would be nice to have a garage with snow like that. We don't get much snow. Our garage is full of 4 wheeler's, motorcycle, lawnmowers, and most of the time mice. The quilt is beautiful!