Friday, December 26, 2008

The Blow Dryer Incident

On Christmas Day as I was getting ready I needed to was the hair gel gook off my hands before picking up my blow dryer. Well, I managed to knock the blow dryer into the sink and water ran through it. I ended up going to my Mom's with wet hair and drying it there.

Before I left, she gave me her travel blow dryer to use until I could get to the store to buy a new one. There's just something about a wet blow dryer...dried out or not I just don't think I trust it. Now her travel dryer, it doesn't get used often but she tested it out and all was well. I took it home with me.

This morning I'm getting ready for work so I go to the downstairs bathroom to use the dryer since it was still in my purse. Turn it on and KERCHUNK, POP, SNAP, SMOKE, SIZZLE. I rip the plug out of the wall. I look at Mike and say, "NOW WHAT??" He says well let's try the other one, it's probably dried out by now. He follows me up stairs and says, "I'll try it, if I get shocked, it's probably better that I get shocked instead of you." Ok, no argument there. My dad is an electrician afterall. I sure don't want to get shocked and become the butt of everyones jokes. Let Mike do it.

He plugs it in, turns it on and appears to be getting shocked and I of course freak out. And then HE STARTS LAUGHING. Yep, he was pretending to get shocked. I was sooooo frigging mad. I'm still mad and it's hours later.

Afterwork, I went out and bought a new blow dryer at Ulta. The same model actually. Of course since it had been so many months since I had last been to Ulta I ended up spending a small fortune. Of course, I needed shampoo and conditioner and had been eeking the last out of the bottles little by little. Then I realized I needed a new mascara and a new pressed powder...and well the list kept growing. The best thing of the trip was realizing that Calhoun Road between Greenfield and Bluemound road is now back open.

Holly Berry got into a paper coffee cup that I brought home from work so that I could make a sleeve for it 'cause man the coffee that comes out of our machine is freaking hot but wow the cup is a strange shape and size. Of course now she's sick. So instead of going to the movies tonight, Mike and I stayed home and snuggled with her. I didn't even get to sew. I just sat on the couch with the dog burrowed into my lap.


Amy said...

So, Sorry to hear about your blow dryer. hope the new one works out for ya. If ya need some awesome mascara/eye make up remover let me know.

Regina said...

At least no one really got zapped, although after that I would be tempted to zap Mike but good!

Moneik said...

Glad no one was hurt, though I would have been tempted to hurt Mike too. I hate when the hair dryer/ curling iron goes out when you aren't planning and need to be somewhere.