Thursday, December 11, 2008

City Mouse Visits Country Mouse

On Thursday I headed out to B-town to go out to dinner with my very dear friend Ruth. Our dinner was long, long, way to long over due. We've vowed to make it a monthly thing and we'll try our best to actually follow through with it.

We laughed and laughed and laughed some more. We used to work at the same company years ago so I caught her up on all the news that she could possibly stand.

On my trip to her house I was just laughing at myself. Here I was heading to B-town to visit Ruth who has chosen to be a Stay at Home Mom and raise her two little boys. Day to day life doesn't include as much technology and gadgetry beyond the DVD player and email. So here I am on my way to visit and I've got my Garmin GPS telling me directions. I have my Ipod playing Christmas Carols and I'm charging up my cell phone in the counsel. Three Gadgets at my finger tips just for a 50 minute trip to B-Town. I felt like such a techno-dork!!!

Things have sure changed since the last time I drove to B-town. They now have a bypass. I didn't even have to drive through town. I did still get to smell the Chocolate from the Nestle Factory. It reminded me of driving through downtown Milwaukee back in the days when the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory was down there and making chocolate.

I stopped for gas on my way home and it was SOOOOO cold out that when I took a breath in my nostrils momentarily froze shut!

I had a great time with Ruth and I started missing her again almost as soon as I turned off of her street.


jillquilts said...

You have chocolte factories out there? Man, you were really holding out on me when I was there! Are tours allowed? please, please, please? Any outlets? Man, I feel gypped!

Moneik said...

I love getting together with old friends! It doesn't happen often enough, but it's always good to see friends.