Tuesday, December 23, 2008


In honor of today's celebration of Festivus lets have a contest! I'd like to have an "Airing of the Grievances."

Airing of Grievances

The celebration of Festivus begins with Airing of Grievances, which takes place immediately after the Festivus dinner has been served. It consists of lashing out at others and the world about how one has been disappointed in the past year. Every household has its own traditions; in one house, the Airing of Grievances consisted of writing the grievances on the fridge in marker.

Frank Costanza: And at the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them all the ways they have disappointed you over the past year!

Frank Costanza: The tradition of Festivus begins with the Airing of Grievances. I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you're gonna hear about it. You, Kruger. My son tells me your company STINKS!

George Costanza: Oh, God.

That being said, leave a comment. Make me laugh the hardest at your grievance and you'll win a quilty surprise made by yours truly. Spill what you cannot spill on your own blog. Air your grievances!!


Kim West said...

Hmmm...where should I start? My in-laws treat my husband like crap (his own family) - and my kids with it - all because his mom does not like that he married me. Never mind that we have been married almost 14 years and together for 18 years (just over half of our life). Never mind that his mom is my kids' only grandmother and she never calls just to talk to them - but my sister-in-law could have hung the moon (the older brother's wife) and so could her kids. BUT we had to spend $50 on flowers for her birthday this month(that we really didn't have) just so my husband didn't look like the jerk.

Debi said...

My grieveance is also my MIL. She calls my DH (her oldest son) only on his birthday and Christmas. She sends a gift to HIM only. She nevers asks about me at all. She gets mad at him because he does not call his younger (15 years younger)half brother just to chat...mind you this half brother has NEVER called DH in his life. She also tells DH how much she enjoys talking to DH's Ex-wife! Never mind the fact that she cheated on DH with more than 5 men, threw him out of his house, and ran up every credit card they had. What a lovely lady!

jillquilts said...

Let's just say that I am the outcast in the family because I don't have kids. My 'rents live in Florida and call to tell me when my siblings are getting together 20 minutes away from me and says that I SHOULD CALL THEM to be involved. Now, why would I do that??? If they wanted me around, wouldn't they be bothered to call and ask me? And why do I need to hear about a get together from someone who is 1000 miles away? This is also the lady who will call me and yell at me when I don't know what is going on with my sister's family because she doesn't call and then gets mad when I don't go to see one of the kids in the hospital BECAUSE I DIDN"T KNOW THAT HE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!

Now, my other greivances

My speed control brain had to be fixed cuz someone was screwing around with the set up while I was gone.

My old boss left and I am left with a ton of work in addition to apparently training the new boss because the old boss didn't do such a good job in the 2 months that she had to train the new boss! *stare* I don't get it either.

And I STILL haven't heard from my parents to make sure that they got back home OK after flying north for teh winter. And let's just go over their trip - planned to the minute by my mother and sister and I was excluded in the planning and found out about things pretty much as they were happening.

I don't get to see my buddy Jen enough.

My windshield is cracking and will need to be replaced.

*BIG SIGH* I feel a little better. Now, I will enjoy Christmas knowing that I am doing what I want and not worrying about what others think!

jillquilts said...

The yappy little poodle that wakes me up every Sunday morning at 8:30 cuz the old bag owner won't try to shut it up.

The group of quilting buddies who constantly get together when I can't and then only talk about what happened when they were out. Oh, and accusing me of stealing their non-existent fabric. Yeah, that was a ton of fun.

Oh, and then laughed at me when I found a BUG in my food at a retreat. Lovely.

The co-worker who never ceases to ask the SAME IDENTICAL questions over and over and over to the point that I save the emails and send them back to her so that I don't have to try and re-explain everything.

I think that is pretty much it for now. I may have more after Thursday!

kt said...

ahem [taps mic] is this thing on?

ok. first off, my husband (whom I do love dearly) in an effort to punish ME for not getting up on time for work has decided that he won't take the dog out, thus leaving me to do it whenever I get up. because of the cold and snow, the dog has decided that rather than the (outside) world being his toilet... OUR BASEMENT will do much better. so NOW the first thing I have to do in the morning isn't shower... isn't brush my teeth... isn't get a cup of coffee. it's bundle up in the FROZEN TUNDRA that is my backyard and take the dog out.

next, we have more weather-related grievances. I am from maine. I live in connecticut. as you may or may not know, they are BOTH part of a larger region called NEW ENGLAND. where it SNOWS. A LOT. this is not a new occurance. in fact, we in maine know this already. we plow our roads. we sand them. we advance plan. here in connecticut, the thought of advance snow planning has not yet crossed the mind of ANYONE in this state (except, of course, those who used to live in ANY of the other new england states). I think the problem is that people in connecticut have a hard time driving their BMWs, maseratis, mercedes and escalades in anything other than perfect weather. you want perfect weather - GO SOUTH and leave me alone.

lastly, I have a problem with the relative intelligence level of the general population. especially during holiday crunch time. for example... a man was in the grocery store and asked an associate about the location of the chestnuts. the associate kind of looked at him funny... and pointed to a bin DIRECTLY NEXT TO HIM. really? does chaos exponentially reduce the IQ? I did (most) of my shopping online to avoid such human interaction. I was worried for my brain cells.

oh, and really lastly... I WILL HAVE KIDS WHEN I WANT THEM SO STOP FREAKING ASKING ME. when you start paying my bills so that I can afford to pay for day care and pampers... then I'll have as many as you want. hell, I'll have some extra so that you can take a few home for yourself, too. but until then, what goes on below MY belt is of no concern to you.

Treasa said...

christmas dinner last year. my sis and i buy, cook and clean for the day. my brother and my son have a disagreement at the table. my son was wrong in getting food with his hands.....deviled eggs. i agree with that. he was taught better. my brother was EVENMORE OUT OF LINE in taking my son's plate away from him and throwing it in the trash. telling my son that he could not eat for the rest of the day. my son was 21. he knew better! but my brother did not buy, prepare or clean teh kitchen. my parents house at that. brother and i get into argument. he leaves. i leave. needless to say i drove 6 hrs to be with my family at christmas and did not get to spend a bit of it with my son because of both of their childish behaviors. a happy time was NOT had by anyone. tothis day i haven't spoke with said brother. yes i hold a grudge. he could have handled it better. what gives him the right to take food that i bought and prepared away from anyone.much less my son, who was wrong. but so was my brother. christmas will be strained bu i will go to my parents christmas day. becasue i love and miss them. even though my brother will be there. wow that felt good. i guess everyone has "family" at times. this is my brother that i lived with for 5 yrs with my son and there never was a problem the whole time. go figure.

jillquilts said...

How about the fact that I have a quilting stalker? Someone who seems to be so insanely jealous of me for some unknown reason that they post on the blog in a passive agressive way and then send me inappropriate emails for their age and try to tell me that I'm just too young to have lived life at all without knowing a darn thing about any of experiences that I have lived through?

Oh, and the fact that people who I thought were friends got tired of hearing about said stalker after all of 3 emails in the 5 months that I have been dealing with said stalker and, not knowing the whole story, haven't emailed me since. It's nice to know that they are/were worried about me.

I think it's time to watch my favorite Christmas movie - The Ref - with Denis Leary and his humorous rants about Christmas and family. It'll be perfect for my mood!

CatQuilter said...

In honor of Festivus and with apologies to" The Twelve Days of Christmas" author, here's my addition:

On the first day of Festivus my shit bag boss gave to me:
1. One phone that never stops ringing
2. Two cranky consultants
3. Three marketing morons
4. Four sloppy clerks
5. Five days of chained to my desk
6. Six crabby managers
7. Seven pissed-off agents
8. Eight cups of machine coffee
9. Nine error messages
10. Ten nasty e-mails
11. Eleven brown-nosed co-workers
12. Twelve stupid brokers

Yes, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.......

Merry Christmas!!!!

jillquilts said...

Last one, I think...

The headphones that I bought at WalMart last night for a whole $1.47 are crap and I just pitched them! Well, it was worth a shot to buy them...


OK, I'm done and off to enjoy my lovely job!

Pat said...

My husband's family treat me like crap and my husband does not support me with them. I have reached the point that I refuse to go to any of his family functions. I should not need to leave in tears so his bully of sister can bully everyone to not talk to me and to leave a room if I am in it. Other family members will only talk to me if bully sister is not around. My husband told me once that he was going to run errands one Saturday afternoon, I had not asked him his plans. I found out in church the next morning that he helped his family do some repairs on his parents home, I had someone come up to me in church and tell me how wonderful my husband was to be there. News to me. We bought the family farm and we have paid dearly for it but I have listened to how we have been given everything or to have the bully sister ask my sons if they have a home when grandparents were watching them so I could be doing field work. If the parents call they can only talk to my husband the same if they stop. If I am the only one at home they will say "oh, no one is here so we will leave" Guess I don't count.the list goes on and on.

this really does feel good to write it down!

Merry Christmas!

Bethany said...

Actually; for the first time in years I don't have much to grieve. It's been a good year. But..

My parents are idiots. My dad's boss took out a loan that he can't afford about 6 months ago. It's supposed to be paid in full in July. He's not paying his employees on time and sometimes the check bounces. They are behind on some payments and are bouncing checks because of this jerk.

When my dad admitted this, I told him he had two choices. Stay with the guy and plan your money better or find a new job. If you plan to stay just know you are basically working for free. He wasn't happy with me for saying that.

What he wanted to do is borrow some money. As much I love my parents, I said no. A one time payment isn't going to help their situation. It's better money management skills. My dad makes a triple fortune compared to my husband even if he's not being paid regularly. I'm probably the awful daughter now. But, I stand by me not lending money. I'll help in other ways.

While my parents are struggling, my sister moved in with her 3 kids. She gets 1400 dollars a month from her ex and does nothing. No job and just sits on the computer all day. She wore out her "sympathy" card a long time ago.

My mom (53) is taking care of her kids. My dad bought her a car so she could work. He also bought my brother a truck. He's making 3 car payments right now. My brother is 20, single and does work. However; the truck payments are too much for him and he's not paying them.

My mom and sister have stuff in storage but haven't been making the payments. I don't know if they've lost all the stuff.

I can't believe my parents are doing this. I can't believe my siblings are taking advantage of my parents. I had no idea my parents have no clue about finances and where their money is going. It pisses me off that my siblings can't get off their asses and do something about their own situations.

Then I get the "aren't you special" treatment when I bought my computer. I was SO excited to get this computer as it's the first time I've ever been able to afford one by myself. I had no idea that my siblings would be, "Oh..you can buy a computer, but won't lend money to mom and dad".

Moneik said...
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Mary Beth said...

Tis the season to blah blah blah! If you think that you have problems, you should work down the hall from "Just Jill 2008-2009", I feel certain, the tude is remaining on the same channel! lmao! I want the world to know that I dearly love people who throw stones from their glass houses! I have issue "A BIG ONE" regarding people who profess to be these wonderful Christians and treat people like the boogar hanging from their noses and/or a dingleberry(not jingle)! ah better already! Everyone has family issues and I am glad were not related because my list would be longer than necessary! lmao Keep in mind you also know Jill!

All jokes aside, okay maybe!

May your Christmas season be happy and your Wine glass be full of Wine!

To each and all a good night!

God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

Jill should win, my 2 cents....Mike

jillquilts said...

Hey! Thanks, Mike!!!


Well,lol...I was google-ing the word YO-YO garland...and what do I find You...Love it! Now I come here in seach of yo-yo garland...I have made some...I find the cutest post...So from yo-yo to DOED-DOE( meaning plain DUM)here I go-go.....


A) Must you all use so much?????
B) Could some one else besides me
possibly buy some around here?
C) If you ever did...remember you
do NOT like the cheap stuff!
D) If YOU empty the roll YOU replace the roll...simple huh?
E) The beautiful container to the left of you throne is for the EMPTY rolls...if by chance you see I have it almost full,please do not hesitate to empty it to the larger container outside!
F) And for Pity sake F is For Flush! (whew)

#2 THE LARGE CAN OUTSIDE... Please note called a TRASH CAN!
A) Feel free to bring things there from inside, Ex:inside the bathroom(previous discussion),from inside the kitchen,and above all from your rooms!
B) Said container is moved to Curb EVERY thursday evening....I will not report it stolen if YOU roll it to the curb.
C)Friday morning should you find the container empty,or blowing down the road...please consider bringing it back in so I can refill it for nest week,if this is in-convenient for you..at least Do not run over the lid!
( Sorry for the trashy ...lol...post!)

A) New 2009 rule...you dirty it...you clean it
B) A Small amount of dish soap and Warm sudsy water works..or put it in the box to the right (no not the waste can!!!) Turn the little button that says "Power Wash"...add one of those little cubes called Electrasol ( I am sure you have seen them...in pantry cupboard....below TOLIET PAPER)
C)If the above is un-attainable for you,then please at least bring glasses from your room when you see me START a load of dishes...NOT drain the sink!

Gosh...I thought that would feel great...it did....but now I am thinking perhaps we had better plan on Dinner being a Slumber party...you have just started me to get this all out...I am going to make a list,I'm checking it twice... And when you are done reading this...FOR GOSH SAKE...TURN OUT THE LIGHTS!

Nancy-Rose said...

Oh Jen....I didn't even put up my Festivus Pole. But I've cancelled Christmas for the third year in a row, and I'm spending the 25th drunk in my dirty pjs. Gawd....can you believe that I'm the MOST functional member of my dysfunctional family.


Shelly B. said...

This is too funny!! Sad that people just cannot step out of high school and be adults-that pertains to family member too!
My gripe has always been about the biological father of my son to whom I was married for 10 years. He have NEVER paid support-8 years and $12K later my current husband who has known us since Zach was 18 mos, adopted him. Can you beleive that the donor father petitioned the court to dismiss the back support!!!! Well I found out this week that he lost-the arrears stays put and he will be responsible for the back support.
Do I expect anything? Does Zach want for anything? NO and NO but daggone it-it is the principle of the matter!!!
Happy Holidays-spend it with those that truly care about you for who you are - does not mean it is always those biologically related to us. Family are those that know our hearts because they want to not because genetics says they have to....

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I'm just mad right now because I missed the bad comment. I needed a good reason to rip into someone right now. Darn my luck.....
Ok...here's my list.....
Oldest daughter hasn't spoken to me in 6 years because I adopted two other children. Now, she doesn't get to borrow (which really means it's a gift) money like she used to and she's no longer an only child and spoiled to boot.
My Mother....need I say more? I'll never measure up to anyone in her eyes. I'm 50 years old and still the outcast.
I have a teen in my house....again...need I say more. Oh the attitude of a teenager...shoot me now.
Well, that's just the top of my list and I'll leave it at that. Happy Festivus one and ALL!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh darn I forgot a big one....
Jen, The Great Prolific One, doesn't answer her phone.....

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

I've been thinking about my grievences.

1. An X husband who treats our daughter badly. This really irritates me to no end. We raised a great person so now you grow up and appreciate how wonderful she turned out. She doesn't have to get along with your new wife, get over it. If things don't change you are going to loose her.
2. I work for a company that talks a big talk about caring for their employees but in truth they don't. Whatever happened to when companies cared. My job is so stressful it's making me physically sick. Oh don't get me wrong I'm glad I have a job but come on and change a little. Don't expect to get 12 hours of work out of someone in 8 hours and then constantly cut them down.

3. Family members who are driving me over the edge. Lighten up loosen the control and all will be good with the world.

I know there is more but that's it for now.