Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hawg City

This crappy economy has our favorite local restaurant closing it's doors. Hawg City will close it's restaurant doors in the next week or so. Mike will still be doing catering and festivals but for now, the doors will be closed and the lights will be off. He's hoping once things turn around that he can open again; hopefully in a location that will offer him more of the restaurant he's always dreamed of having. It's sad because over the last few years we've become friends with Mike and his wife, I hate to see a small business close its doors. It's a reminder that if we want the small local business that we enjoy we do need to support them with our business, even in tough times.

I quilted the last two of my mom's quilts that I've been working on quilting for Christmas gifts tonight. I only have a picture of one because my picture taker is already in bed. This quilt is a mystery quilt that my mom made when she went to her first quilt retreat maybe 14 years ago.


My Husband, "Mr. A quilt is a once in a lifetime thing and I already have two," has finally relented and said I can make a quilt for him for Christmas if I want but whatever it is, it needs to be designed by me. Ok, I'm up for the challenge. Now, to decide if I want to design a quilt with a few of the different sports that he's interested in or just a football quilt since he already has a baseball quilt. This topic came about because he was laying on the floor watching TV earlier. I had taken a nap on the couch and apparently was laying on his Brewer quilt. Instead of grabbing one of the normal sized quilts off the quilt rack, he grabbed one out of the laundry basket. I wake up and I see this wad of quilt on him, but it's not actually covering him. He notices I'm awake and asks if he's trying to cover up with a table runner or what??
Ugly Lover's Knot Christmas Quilt I was cracking up. It was a Christmas Quilt that I made years ago. We just recently pulled it out of a box in the basement that had been in storage. As we're running across them, we're washing them up and putting them into our linen closet. The quilt isn't exactly small, but I guess it was funny because of it's crazy corners.

Soooo, what to design? An all football quilt or a football, golf, baseball, poker quilt? They'd all need to be kept separate within the quilt and not mashed together, that much I know. If it's football, then it will need to be a Packer themed quilt.

Hmmmmm, I know I had more to say, but now I can't remember what it was to save my life. That must mean it's time for bed.

I hear lots of plowing and we're getting a pretty good snow storm. Is it too late to hope that we could have a snow day? I know..it's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS LIFETIME!!

Ohhh, I remember one of the things I wanted to post about. At our old apartment below us, thinking backwards we had Normal neighbors, the Cult, Dave, Melrose Place, Bird Man and before that is pretty irrelevant. But our most recent normal neighbors had mentioned that they found all kinds of pill blister packages stuffed into the electric heating elements. We all sort of joked that maybe the Cult was actually dealing Meth. Well...today Mike is at Hawg City having lunch and there are these other guys in there talking about his idiot brother in law who has his wife, ex wife, and ex girlfriend all living with him. Mike pipes up and says, his name isn't Joel is it? Oh yeah, sure is. Joel was the ring leader of Melrose Place. They start talking and swapping stories and it turns out his whole entourage totally deals Meth!! OH MY GOD!! And here I thought it was the cult!

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Moneik said...

What???? Did I hear that right?? Mike wants a new quilt??? Paul doesn't have a couch quilt, so I really should get on that in the new year. He usually just uses mine. I can just see Mike with a little bitty quilt trying to cover him. Too funny!