Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it Snow?

I don't know but it's 12:45 am and this huge snow storm that we're supposed to get that should have started hours ago has yet to arrive. I'm sticking to my guns, we're not getting ANY snow. They predicted 6-12 inches. Whatevah.

I'm heading to bed but I wanted to show what I worked on this evening.

I went to my Mom's to "help" with her Christmas cookies. Yeah I sat on my butt. Shrug. I had a dog hair lodged in the bottom of my foot. I noticed it the minute it happened as I was running down the stairs. I couldn't locate it exactly but it was really bothersome when I walked. I figured it was no different than a wood sliver or metal sliver that it would respond to super glue. So I ask my Mom for super glue. She pulls out 6 new packages of it. I open one and it turns out it's super glue gel. I figured that would give me a few extra seconds to put it on the bottom of my foot before it dried. doesn't dry quickly AT ALL. I even used the blow dryer on it for about 20 minutes. Finally I'm sitting on the couch reading a magazine and Murphy walks over and is sniffing at the glue spot. I said watch, this will be the time that it dries and I'll have Murphy's nose stuck to the bottom of my foot. After about 2 hours the gel was finally dry enough for me to peel off and I'm pretty sure I got it out. Stupid Gel!!!

After that fiasco I made Jen some coasters for our Cookie Exchange. Nothing major but it's a nice little hostess gift. I had her pick out the fabrics the other night when we were at the shop. I guess they're the same fabrics as a wall hanging that she is planning on making. I usually do pointed corners but I got the idea to do rounded. I'm not sure that I really like them that way but once you cut one, there's no going back! They turned out pretty cute though.


When I got home I decided to load some table runners onto the frame. I'm not sure if it was a thread issue or a foot issue. I have a burr that needs to be removed but it was too late to ask Mike to do it. I can always smooth that burr out tomorrow. They are 4 of the Holly Jolly table runner panels. I picked them up for "in case" type gifts. I sewed them all together so I could load them all at once. Oh well, they're ready to go once I get that foot smoothed down.

I decided it was high time to work on my little 12 Dog Days of Christmas Wallhangings. I bought 2 panels and one charm pack. Holly and Murphy will each get one to hang by their food dishes. One done, one to go.


I talked to my Dad last night about the things that have been bothering me. Ok, talk is a little too low key. I totally unloaded but I didn't raise my voice, I didn't yell and I was only on the brink of tears but I didn't start. I felt very empowered when I was done.

Oh, and I had to cave and buy a BlackBerries for Dummies book so I can learn how to use some of the new to me features on my phone. I guess that makes me officially old...I can no longer keep up with technology without referencing a book.


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Look outside it SNOWED and it SNOWED lots.

Living on the Spit said...

Those coasters are really adorable even in their, I must go make you think i could ask for at least another week before christmas?

Sorry about the glue and your foot even though it was funny the way you described it.

I love reading your blog and seeing the great things you are doing. You really inspire me and I learn a lot from you. I was determined to learn how to propertly bind from looking at your work.

Have a great snowy/not snowy day. I can not wait to see more.

Also...glad you got to talk to your Dad.


Kathy said...

Girl, you are wearing me out!!!! I read your bog all the time, but don't always take the time to comment :(

You are SEW busy!!! When do you sleep, eat, etc.?????? Thank you for sharing your projects -- you are so talented.

I love the snow. We don't get snow much in Texas!

jillquilts said...

Where did you find that dog panel?? I MUST have one, I think...

So.... What did your dad say? Or did he just sit on the phone like a b**b?

Moneik said...

The coasters are super cute! I'm sure she'll enjoy them when you do have the party. I was hoping we would get some snow, no such luck... It's going to be -4 this weekend! Glad you got a chance to talk to your dad. I'm sure it made you feel better. The panels are cute. I'm falling in love with panels for quilting.

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Jen the coasters are cute. I like the rounded corners. The little dog panels are adorable.

Elaine Adair said...

Good for you for talking without crying to your Dad. And I KNOW you are stronger for staying in control of your emotions. Not easy! Now, Maybe I can learn from YOU!

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, to ALL your family. 8-)