Monday, December 1, 2008

November Quilting Accomplishments

I think I did pretty good this month. As always I really have no idea how much until I go through my blog page by page and list things out.

  1. Helped Assemble and Quilt a comfort quilt for Sherry.
  2. Sewed Binding by hand on the Feeling Groovy Quilt.
  3. Quilted the blue squares quilt.
  4. Quilted and Bound a Harvest Wallhanging.
  5. Quilted and Bound Matthew's Froggie Yellow Brick Road Quilt.
  6. Quilted and Bound the Pink Eclipse Quilt.
  7. Quilted and Bound the Blue Eclipse Quilt.
  8. Quilted and Bound the Boy Jellyin Around Quilt.
  9. Quilted and Bound the Girl Jellyin Around Quilt.
  10. Quilted Maureen's Tree Skirt.
  11. Quilted and Bound 2 Earth Mover Quilts.
  12. Quilted, Bound & Hung Shade Cascade.
  13. Quilted, Bound and started hand sewing rick rack between the border and quilt blocks of Smores.
  14. Quilted a Christmas Panel for my Mom out of her UFO Stash.
  15. Quilted and bound a Christmas Panel as a Gift for my Grandma.
  16. Quilted Diamond Lil for my Mom out of her UFO Stash.
  17. Quilted a 12 Days of Christmas Panel for my front door.
  18. Quilted a Christmas Table Runner for my Mom out of her UFO Stash.
  19. Quilted a Christmas Wreath Wallhanging for my Mom out of her UFO Stash.
  20. Pieced and Appliqued the blocks for my Reindeer Quilt.
This I think I just frightened myself with all I got done! I should have called this a Finish it Up Month!!!!


jillquilts said...

quilted, quilted, quilted quilted....

Rub it in that you are just prolific with Bud and Arlene! :D

Kristie said...

Wow! That is a huge list!! So what happened with your phone??

swooze said...

W O time to quilt three more for Christmas? LOL!

Moneik said...

Holy Cow! Did you do anything besides quilt? It's a good thing we weren't competing this month.

Infinity Quilter said...

WOW!!! Where do you find all the energy and time?!?!