Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Sew Quilty!

I really hung around the house today and did muych of nothing at all until about 4pm. It was nice to not have to do anything in particular.

I opened our linen closet to put something away and saw a rubbermaid tub that I hadn't seen recently so I pulled it down to see what was inside. It had my Flannel Quilt - one of the very first quilts I ever made inside and it REEKED. I had been afraid to wash it because the seams were weak. I was originally just tied. Some of the fabrics are about 50 years old at this point. It smelled like wet dog met nasty plastic rubbermaid tub smell. Regardless I didn't want to wash it in the condition it was in. I had always thought that maybe if it had some quilting on it that I'd be more comfortable using it and washing it. So I pinned it onto my frame and quilted it. Since it was originally just sewn and turned and then sewn around the edges I'm thinking I might put a white flannel binding on it to hide that I couldn't get super close to the edges when I was quilting. I really like how it turned out and now that it's washed the quilting really pops. I'm happy with it.




Jen came over around 6; followed shortly by my Mom. Then the crazy phone call from my dad. After dinner we hit the sewing room.

Jen was sewing fast and furiously on a quilt for her niece. She wanted to have it done for Christmas but sometimes things just don't turn out the way we intend them to. Not only did she get the top assembled but by 10:30 we were loading it on the frame. She quilted it and it turned out lovely. I put the binding on it for her because she hasn't done it often enough to be comfortable with it yet.


My Mom dabbled with the making of some coasters from charm packs that she had lying around. I made two more types of paper pieced ornaments - 4 each.



I have two more types to complete before I move onto the next step of quilting them and trying that backbinding that I'm working up in my mind.


Kathy said...

Hey Jen, I just browsed the Craft, Inc book looking to see if I was interested in buying it and found your comment on google hence leading to your blog. I like your quilts. Although, I'm not a quilter (want to be when I have more time), I do love looking at them

Moneik said...

Wow, you've gotten a ton of those ornaments done. You've got a lot more patience than I do. I love Jen's quilt. It looks so fun and young. Glad you were able to fix the quilt you were worried about. I sometimes think I should do that to some of my quilts too.

KyQuiltlady said...

I just love the flannel quilt you restored! That will probably be the most useful quilt you own now. I did a flannel one, the first one I did on my frame when I got it. I gave it to a friend, although ashamed of some of the loose threads on back, and it is her favorite. Jen's quilt is really pretty also. I must have missed something, what kind of beautiful ornaments you making with those squares?

bingo~bonnie said...

wow your tiny tiny blocks are super cute! I love those pinwheels... they are on my to do list for the Sunshine QUilters group for January. :)only mine will finish at 12" - I can't imagine fnishing at only 3" wow!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie