Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow Day!!

Wow! It was a snow day after all. SOOOOO exciting! I think we got about a foot of snow and there was loads of drifting too. I ended up sleeping until about 11. Then I got busy in my sewing room. I quilted 4 Holly Jolly Table Runners, finished piecing the second Dog Wallhanging, put binding on all 6 and got the binding hand sewn onto one of the table runners.

Holly Jolly Table Runner #1

Holly Jolly Table Runner #2

Holly Jolly Table Runner #3

Holly Jolly Table Runner #4

Holly's Wallhanging

Murphy's Wallhanging

Tonight I went to a cookie exchange at my friend Jen's. It was a great time. I had taken along one of my table runners just incase and sure enough; Julie had a table topper that needed binding so since she pulled hers out, I pulled mine out. We both got our bindings done while enjoying great conversations.

On the way home my Mom and I stopped at Walmart to pick up provisions for work tomorrow. We wandered all through the store just cause we could.

All in all, it was a fantastic day!!!


Suzan said...

When you say you got busy in the sewing room, you weren't kidding around. I swear you exhaust me just reading how much you accomplish!

With all the usual craziness of this time of year, you are fortunate to be able to say that you had a fantastic day. Hope you have another one today!!

swooze said...

Nothing like being snowed in to get things done! Everything looks great. Thanks for sharing.

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a great day - and love the table runners! The dog days of Christmas panel is really cute too.

Living on the Spit said...

Those arethe most adorable table runners EVER. I am glad you had a wonderful time.


Joyce said...

Where did you find the Dog Christmas panel? It is really a hoot! I have a 75lb Lab and and 15 1/2year old Lab Shephard mix.

Moneik said...

Those tablerunners are super cute! I just love them. Wish we had cute fabric like that. The panels are really cute too.