Sunday, December 14, 2008

Super Sewy Sunday

It was like Santa's workshop at my house!! Maureen spent the day trying to get her Mom's Christmas present done. Since she was at my house with the guise of quilting her Brother's quilt, that really needed to get quilted too so I helped her out and quilted it for her. I think it turned out pretty nicely.


Then I had a quilt of Sherry's to quilt. She's now got her Gracie Frame up but hasn't been comfortable enough to get a quilt on and quilt it. We'll work on that after Christmas. Anyway, the fabrics are all Oriental's, front and back. I quilted it with Black So Fine from Superior and it was awful. I compared the black spool that I have to other spools of So Fine and it has lots of bald spots. I had so many thread breakages it wasn't even funny. There was lots of swearing involved. It didn't dawn on me until 75% of the way done just to change to a different black thread. Once I did I switched to Signature thread and I had no further issues.



Finally around 9pm, Maureen was finished with her Mom's quilt. I was just going to throw it on the frame when she started working on something else so I started to quilt. Next thing I knew it was done and she quickly sewed the binding on so that she could leave with it. Now she just has to wait for her mom to go to bed each night so she can work on hand sewing the binding!! I stippled it pretty densly.


Once that was done...I was exhausted. It was time to call it a night!


Moneik said...

Here I thought I was getting a lot of quilting done and you are blowing me away again! They look great.

Maureen said...

You rock! Everything turned out great and I am slowly working my way around the quilt!