Saturday, January 3, 2009

December Quilting Accomplishments

Just a few days late, but here is my list of December's Quilting accomplishments.

  1. Sewed the binding on my 12 Days of Christmas Wallhanging.
  2. Finished sewing rick rack on my Smores Quilt.
  3. Quilted a Father Christmas Wallhanging for Maureen while she worked on a secret project for her mom.
  4. Made a cute pillow case.
  5. Quilted a flannel quilt for Maureen's brothers christmas gift. As she still needed an alibi for working on a secret project for her mom.
  6. Quilted an oriental quilt for Sherry - a gift for her granddaughter because she's still scared of her frame....hmmmmm we must over come this in 2009!!!
  7. Quilted a snowflake batik quilt for Maureen...the SUPER SECRET PROJECT while she bound a few other items so she could show her mom that she really did get a lot done while over at my house.
  8. Quilted my mom's Quilt Diva quilt as a Christmas Gift to her.
  9. Quilted a Christmas Mystery quilt of my mom's as a Christmas gift to her.
  10. Quilted a Strawbery Lemonade quilt of my mom's as a Christmas Gift to her.
  11. Made 8 Christmas Coasters for Jen as a little hostess giftee.
  12. Quilted and bound 4 Christmas Ornament Table Runner Panels. Ok, so I still have the hand stitching to finish on 2 of them but that's ok!!
  13. Pieced and Quilted and bound 2 cute 12 Dog Days of Christmas wallhangings for Holly & Murphy.
  14. Got my Reindeer Games Quilt Quilted by Diane at the shop with a Holly Pantograph, Sewed the buttons on and the binding.
  15. Quilted a Strawberry Lemonade quilt for Jen's Niece while she worked on a quilt for her other niece.
  16. Paper Pieced 24 Christmas Ornaments for next year. #1 & #2, #3 & #4, #5, & #6.
  17. Quilted a Block of the Month quilt of my Mom's that is a Christmas Gift for my Grandma.
  18. Loaded a completed by me 10 years eariler flannel quilt onto my frame to keep it from deteriorating. Stippled it and now I'm more comfortable using it or putting it out.
  19. Made myself a Smores Coffee Cup Sleeve.

That's a lot of stuff!!

I also realized by going through my posts how unhappy I've been this month and it started with December 7th. Hopefully this ends soon. I just can't take much more drama. I'm done. I'm washing my hands of it.


Carla said...

Once again you've amazed me by the amount of quilting projects you complete. Hopefully this year I can accomplish a tenth of what you do! Hope January is a better month emotionally for you.

Sandi said...

ok I want a year with NO drama....doesn't that sound wonderful? Hang in there Jen and look even with everything you have been through in the last month how prolific you are. You are amazing.

jillquilts said...

You did so much! Congrats! And don't let the man get you down! Take time off from him for you. You need it and you DESERVE it!

Rhonda said...

You have accomplished quite alot. Congratulations girlfriend. It feels good doesn't it!
Take care.

Maureen said...

Thanks for helping me out and I am hoping to keep an accomplishment list to post monthly...I am made a New Year's Resolution to blog at least once a week!

Moneik said...

Wow girl! You have gotten a ton done! I can't believe all you went through and still got that much done.