Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good and Plenty

I'll start out with getting our Thursday Waun-a-quilt update out of the way. Thursday ended with Jill in the's because of her Snow Day and I'm sticking to that!! =)

With our Tweaked Points:
Jill: 8098.32
Jen: 7904.92

With our points the 'old fashioned' way, Jill is ahead by: 1157.86 points. Darn her!! It's a good thing I don't work on Saturday!!

I quilted my "Gift Boxes" quilt that I have named Good and Plenty because it's the same color as the candy. Jill challenged me to do a really dense loop de loop. OMG, I realized I don't breathe when I do dense loop de loops!! Three hours and five bottom line bobbins wound to the gills later on a 72 x 84" quilt, here's the awesome results!!


I can't wait to get this bound. I think it will hang for a while in my sewing studio since I've got the whole pink theme going. I think I bought the fabrics in January 2008. I had the kit cut and ready to go for retreat in April. I didn't actually start sewing on it until September and it became the project that kept getting put to the side in lieu of more important and time sensitive projects. I never really intended for it to become a UFO!

Oh wait...does that mean I get UFO points? And how many?? Jill, a ruling please!!


Moneik said...

How funny is it that all three of us quilted loops on pink quilts this week? It looks great. I breath, but I don't blink when I'm quilting, so when I get to the end my contacts hurt! It's a great quilt and I have the pattern and want to make it someday, but it's one I haven't bought fabric for.

Suzan said...

Looks terrific! When I quilt, I don't breathe, rarely blink and scream out loud at the end of every pass just because I need to get out the pent up weirdness. Hard to believe that the actual quilting is my favorite part of the process!

Cindy said...

What an absolutely perfect name for this quilt. I used to love Good n' Plenty. Haven't had them in years. Do they even make them anymore?

jillquilts said...

Love quilting! It rocks! And it sounds like UFO points are in order. When was the last time you did anything to? April or September? I am being too lazy to scroll back up and check! :-D

Laurel said...

Love the quilt. What kind of machine did you do the loop de loop quilting on? A long arm or your home domestic machine? Either way, it looks great!

Infinity Quilter said...

Cute quilt. Love the pink backing fabric!

Regina said...

Love the quilt - love the candy!
When I was pregnant I craved it - mixed with M&M's.... still do from time to time, and it will probably be travel munchies on the way to the retreat.

I just lock my jaw open when I sew or concentrate -can't chew properly for hours after - but if I remember to chew gum while I work I am fine.

Maureen said...

It's beautiful! I love the will have to help me with loop de loops?

Anonymous said...

Jenn, I love that quilt. And your quilting on it is just perfect. You should be proud of it. You amaze me with how much you get done.

Can I ask where you got the pattern? It would be just the thing for my pink loving granddaughter.


Karen said...

My new d-i-l would love this quilt. Her kitchen is done in pink/black/white. I need to come into the shop and find some of those fabrics for potholders, table toppers, etc.

Barb said...

Jen ~ Fabulous quilt! I to, hold my breath when I quilt loops, although I haven't done them this tight. Great job. As for Good & Plenty's ~ I like the candy but LOVE the drink. It's Anisette & Kahlua. Taste just like the candy with a bit of a kick!