Saturday, January 24, 2009

Learning to use a Gracie Frame

On Saturday Jen, Sherry and Linda came over to sew. Jen had 2 quilts she wanted to quilt and Sherry and Linda wanted to learn how to load quilts since they each have Gracie Frames but have never used them. Sometimes it's just easier to learn something in person than from a video or written instructions. They loaded both of Jen's quilts for her. Jen I think overcame her fear of loading the bobbin and threading the machine because she rarely asked me for help!

Once they left, it was my turn to hit the frame. I had offered to quilt a charity quilt for Sherry. I did the same thing last year and in the end that quilt auctioned for about $350 at the heart ball for the American Heart Association. Hopefully this years will do even better. I quilted Loop De Loops with hearts.



Then I moved along and got the Star Wars quilt quilted for my co-workers neighbor who lost everthing in a fire right before Christmas.


I put the binding on by machine but I did hand sew the label on. I also whipped up a matchining pillow case for him. I thought I had that picture uploaded but I can't find it. I might have to come back later and add it. Regardless, I'm really happy with how everything turned out.


Moneik said...

Talk about prolific! You so earn that title with everything you got done this weekend.

jillquilts said...

Looks great! Come and do the hearts on my quilt!