Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quilting with my Evil Twin...

After work last night I went over to my Evil Twin Jen's house to sew. I get soooo much done while I'm there. I totally gave my fork pins a work out!!

First up I decided it was high time I finished assembling the double nine patches for the Moda-U quilt that I've been working on for the shop. Jen and I decided it was high time we kick things into gear and get those puppies done.


Next I made the eight, nine patches for the appliqued baby quilt that I cut and fused a long time ago and haven't worked on since. The picture is just of 4 of them.


My third project was to finish making the blocks for my Pink, Black and White Gift Boxes quilt. The picture is only of 6 blocks but there are thirty in total.


It was nice to work on some UFO's and actually make some progress.

On Saturday in the mail I got a package from Moneik. It was treats for my birthday and Christmas. In it was the pattern for a table topper that I had been coveting that Moneik made. Here's the picture of her's:


Giggle, no wonder she wouldn't tell me where I cold buy the pattern!! She also sent a spool of black Masterpiece thread. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!! I can't wait to make my table topper!


Amy said...

I love the quilts, PLEASE post your take 2 and add a few one when finished, I am collecting blacks,reds,whites for one.. I love the starspin, such a nice gift!! thanks for sharing

Moneik said...

So glad you liked the little gifts! Your quilts look great and you got a lot done with Jen.