Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Star Wars Quilt

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Joyce!!!!

Joyce was sweet enough to send me 2 yards of the Star Wars fabric that I was looking for for the little boy who lost his home to a fire right before Christmas. Not only does this fabric help but it will give me enough to male a Twin sized quilt AND a pillow case!!

I started using the BQ2 pattern. It's not the most exciting pattern but it lends itself well to the large scale on this fabric. I should have a completed quilt top by Friday night and I'll post a picture then. My goal is to have it done before Monday morning when I head to work so I can hand it off to my co-worker!!

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Joyce said...

Jen, I'm glad to hear that the fabric arrived safely. Hope the little boy will enjoy the quilt. Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt on your blog.