Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Waun-a-Quilt Update

Waun-a-quilt is really turning into a fun event. The competition doesn't appear to be out for blood, it' more of a motivational event and that seem to be the way it's beeing used which is awesome!

As of end of day Thursday, Jill has 5480 tweaked points and I have 5213 tweaked points. Yes, you're seeing that right, Jill is currently ahead of me. I'll let her relish in it until the weekend.

On a hilariously funny note, Mike found this ad for an event our local humane society is putting on. On February 15th, there is an Milwaukee Admirals Hockey Game that you can BRING YORU DOG ALONG TO!! OMG, I want to take Holly just to see the look on her cute fuzzy little face! I'm soooo going! I invited Mom and April to go with Holly and I. We'll have to see if Mike wants to come along...he thinks the whole idea is a little on the ridiculous side. Of course it's ridiculous, but so was swimming with Holly at the local pool. Everytime I think about it I laugh. Laughing is good. See, now that got me onto a memory about Murphy and he made me smile.


jillquilts said...

OMG! That's funny! And I have a small question to ask.... Did you post this from your crackberry? Just curious....

Kathy said...

Oh My....too crazy and sounds like fun!

Come by and visit my blog sometime as you have won awards!!