Friday, January 2, 2009

Waun-a-quilt 2009 HTML Badge code

Waun-A-Quilt 2009 is underway. For those who are participating, please put the Waun-a-quilt 2009 badge in your side bar of your blog. This code will center the badge, will make the badge the right size, will also link you directly to the spreadsheet. It will also allow others to click to see our competition! If you scroll to the bottom of the spreadsheet there is a link to "sign in if you have access to the sheet." This way there will be no, Where was that link again?

Using a "HTML/Javascript" Widget (Add widget on the Blogger Layout tab) Copy the following in it's entirety:

<p align="center"><a href="<img'>;output=html"><img alt="waq180" src=">

1 comment:

Living on the Spit said...

Pretty cool idea you guys!! Thanks for putting so much work into this.

Kudos and Awesome Work!