Thursday, January 8, 2009

Waun-A-Quilt 2009 - Thursday Recap

Things are looking great in the Waun-A-Quilt challenge. Here are the standings as of today:

1. Jen - 5826
2. Kim West - 4193
3. Jill - 3392
4. Regina Arauckas -2679
5. Maureen Erb - 1990
6. Moneik - 1225
7. Jen Vogel -1088
8. Amy - Infinity Quilter - 800
9. Jennifer Newberg - 756
10. Beth - mdquilter - 632
11. Linda Jones - 356
12. Cindy Wehr - 338
13. Nancy - 336
14. Babs Schmidt - 199
15. upnorthxstitching - 130
16. Trish Metcalfe - 104
17. Sandi Halfman - 98
18. dreamscrapper - 63
19. Ruthie Wasmuth - 49
20. Colleen Collins - 42
21. Michele Barnard - 13
22. Bethany Frerichs - 10
23. Tina - Quilt Dancing - 8

Those of you without points, there's still time to get going. You have a whole weekend ahead of you!! So let's get moving:,, fourred, goldbeacher, Rhonda - ravelly, Cre8tive Crys, Cathy Howe, Heather - Quilting cowgirl, Mind Dai

The competition is still young. There's a lot of days left in the month!!

Jill and I are planning on splitting updates. She's going to do Monday's and I'm going to do Thursday's. We'll be starting a Waun-a-quilt blog as well. We hope to have a guest blogger each week. And who would those guest bloggers be?? The competitors of course!!

Have a quilty weekend ladies. If your family wants food tell them you're sorry but you WAUN-A-QUILT!!!


Jackie Davis said...

Awesome Ladies!!! I will be a sideline cheerleader! I stepped out because I was clueless on the scoring. I'd need an assistant to do the scoring for me! I would get nothing done to figure out my points. When I get better at undeerstanding the terminology and such, I will join in for sure. I've gotten so much done daily that i know I'd be in there some where in the running. I even brough out my T-shirt quilt square i cut in 2005 and sewed sashing on then this week! I'd have point galore, heehee. But it's not about me.

I am sew excited for you ladies!!!! and jen, yes I guess you get points for cleaning up AGAIN after dog! Whew! looks like fun was had.

See my sewing Blog:

jillquilts said...

Man, I need to get busy. This week has been all about prep work so watch out!!