Wednesday, February 11, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

Well, I've been tagged by this 25 things list in quite a few different places so I'm posting it here too just to get it out of the way.

1. I love my PT job. It's the only work environment that I've ever felt valued, knowlegable and completely comfortable. I can be ME when I'm there.

2. Sedona, Arizona is the best place I've ever been. If only Mickey Mouse lived there...then Disney World and Sedona could be considered tied. Oh wait...Walt Disney DID live in Sedona.

3. Hippocrites irritate the living crap out of me.

4. I hate talking on the phone.

5. I have a lot of allergies and I don't like when people make a big deal about them. That makes me feel like I should be living in a plastic bubble. I'd rather avoid eating something than ask about allergens. I carry an epi pen. On the flip side, I do appreciate those who take the time to care and ask questions.

6. I fear going blind. Ever since I was a kid I've practiced doing certain tasks with my eyes shut just in case. My Grandma has macular degeneration and I have horrible vision. My left eye is 20/950 and my right eye is 20/650. I'm pretty sure my cousin Erin has the same fear...but probably does not practice things with her eyes closed just in case.

7. I'm left handed. I use my right hand for cutting with a scissors. I use both hands for rotary cutting.

8. I'm a horrible procastinator.

9. I'm bad at math. I finally understand fractions now that I'm a quilter.

10. Although Mike and I both went to Pius HS and both graduated in '94 I didn't meet him until 1997 when I stopped to chat with my friend Barry at State Fair and stole Mike's beer because I was thirsty. I think he's hung around all these years waiting for me to give it back.

11. I am a self taught quilter - I was given one of my grandmother's sewing machines and a box of flannel scraps 10 years ago and thought "How hard can it be?" I figured things out as I
went and now I can tackle just about anything. I like to stare at a quilt until I can figure out how it went together. I prefer graph paper and crayons to Electric Quilt. 11. I love to read. Since getting an ipod and discovering audio books I can quilt and read at the same time.

12 .My favorite memories are those involving making Thanksgiving dinner with my Grandpa and cousins. If you are not a Ricciardi I won't give you the kick ass stuffing recipe unless you want it missing ingredients and without quantities..

13. When I was a kid my dad made us do full fledged fire drills that included the emergency fire ladder out the window, putting the medium sized dogs into pillow cases to carry down the ladder and running like hell to the corner fire call box which was our meeting point. Our neighbors loved coming out to watch the fiasco. Talk about embarrassing.

14. I'm an only child. I started kindergarden at 4. They let me in early because my stick people had fingers, toes, ears, eye lashes. I was appalled that not everyone knew their full address and phone number. Other kids annoyed me. I had a bully that I told to stick it in his ear. Since I stood up for myself he became my body guard. On the first day I shook my mom's hand...I didn't want her embarrassing me with a hug.

15. I joined Cheerleading in 8th grade just because I knew my dad wouldn't coach it like he did for every other sport I tried. I met my High School best friend Beth and her sister Katie through cheerleading even though they went to a different school. . It was nice to have friends in high school before I got there. Thanks to face book I've found them again.

16. I love anything to do with Little House on the Prairie and Laura Ingalls Wilder. I have all 9 seasons on DVD.

17. Murphy's Law applies to me. If it can go wrong, it will.

18. Cleaning is just not my thing. I avoid it and put it off at all costs.

19. The price of postage annoys the crap out of me. I refuse to buy stamps therefore I don't send Christmas cards...I'm hoping someday that it becomes widely acceptable to send and receive Holiday Greetings via email.

20. I've never wanted kids, I've know this since I was about six years old. I have a dog. She is like a kid most of the time - We have to feed her, cloth her (bandanas), I make quilts for her.....but I can leave her home alone when I want.. A dog is more than enough kid for me!

21. Money, Politics and Religion are hot button issues with me and I really don't care to discuss them unless there's a funny story involved.

22. I'm scared to fly. We flew back from our honeymoon on November 12th, 2001...the same day a plane crashed in the Catskills of NY. When we boarded our plane we still didn't know if the crash was terrorist related. We dropped altitude quite quickly a few times and it scared the crap out of me.

23. I have a hard time telling people "no" when a favor is asked. Then again there's a huge difference between a favor and someone who just takes advantage of your generosity...repeatedly. I have a had time putting a stop to it. I hate confrontation. I'll avoid a person or a topic rather than saying what I think.

24. I love Triple berry pie, Lemon meringue pie, lemon bars, eclaires. There's nothing better than going out after work with friends for dessert.

25. I'm still astounded how many friends I've made through quilting.


Cindy said...

Sedona, AZ? I live 20/25 minutes from there. Have you visited the quilt shop and quilt gallery there? Just wonderful.

I have very poor vision as well. Have use of one eye only.

I HATE talking on the phone. YUCK

Give me "Half Pint" anyday...LOL...Still have my own daughter's homemade "Little House on the Prairie" dress she wore in the town parade 20 years ago.

Sorry - I'm done.

Kelly said...

I could just picture you all going through the fire drill routine! That was really funny. But it was a good exercise in safety, huh?

We have a Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum about 50 miles from us in Mansfield, MO. I am sad to say that I have never been there. It will be one of the things on my list to do someday.

Carol VR said...

MMMM.... lemon meringue. YUM!!!!