Thursday, February 26, 2009

On the cover of the Rolling Stone...

Ok, I'm not talking about Rolling Stone magazine as the song lyrics suggest but of a quilt magazine whose May 2009 issue just hit my mailbox earlier in the week...a magazine that shall remain nameless because I really don't want to cause a huge stir.

When I first looked at the cover my immediate reaction was that there was going to be an article with a tip for erasing the holes left behind when you rip quilting out of a batik quilt and need to re-quilt it. What I found inside was actually a a quilt pattern.

I feel badly for the designers and quilter of the quilt. I'm sure they never in a million years thought the quilt would end up being folded and photographed at that particular row. Instead, that particular row has a close up in two out of the three pictures of that quilt.

Technically, there's nothing wrong with the photograph; technically its a nice shot. It just happens to be a shot that shold have been tossed in the trash instead of being chosen for the cover. On a quilt that is 63X77 they surely could have chosen another row to photograph. I can't believe the editors didn't notice this before it went to print!!

The funniest part to me is that the quilt was then re-folded and photographed inside the magazine for another close up shot. That too must have been within the same row of punched holes so there they were. Only the full picture of the quilt didn't have these noticable holes because it was taken from far enough away.

Now we all know, that once this quilt gets washed and dried once, these holes go away. But, in the meantime they are prominently displayed right there on the cover of a magazine...I feel bad every time I look at the cover.


jillquilts said...

Well now we know from judy's post that the magazine is one of the ones in trouble. Maybe they ran out of money for a good photographer?

Suzan said...

Have you ever taken a really close look at the quilts often published in quilt books? I cannot tell you how many I have seen where points aren't really points, seams don't match, etc. Lemme tell you, if I thought my quilt was going to be photographed for publication (God knows my blog doesn't count!! LOL!) I would be sure the section that was being photographed would be as perfect as I could get it!

Suzan said...
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Moneik said...

I guess I haven't seen it yet. I know what you mean about the holes though.