Monday, February 9, 2009

PW Christmas Party

Tonight we had our Christmas Party at Maggiano’s. It was really a fun evening with about 12-14 of us in attendance. It was a lot of fun to see what everyone gave to the person whose name they drew. I had Julie’s name and as I said in yesterdays post I made a table runner and a necklace and I’m pretty sure she liked them both. Chelsy had my name and gave me the Cone thread rack that I’ve been dying to own and two spools of thread that I’ll be using in no time! Thanks Chelsy! It’s been home only a few short hours and I’ve already filled it. Now to get it hung on the wall.

The extremely funny part of filling this rack is the fact that in the year and a half since I’ve owned my quilt frame and the 100+ quilts that have been quilted on it, only 4 of the cones/spools on the rack have been purchased within that time. They’ve all been living in a plastic container where it isn’t really easy to see what I actually have when it comes time to choosing what to use on a quilt. Now…the goal will be to get the rest out of the boxes and onto the wall.


I know the quilting community is tossed on the whole leaving thread out versus keeping it dust free and I’ve got to say, it will just make me extremely happy to be able to see what I have. I can deal with a little dust. Besides, at the rate I quilt do you really think a spool of thread has that much time to let dust settle before it gets used?

Probably the funniest thing of the evening happened when Jen brought in the Yule Buck for my Mom. When I was a kid we had a Yule Buck. On it sat a little elf. When my parents divorced, they split the pair up and my Mom’s been irked about it ever since. She has the elf, but no Yule Buck. The first time we were ever at Jen’s house, my mom looked up and said, “OMG, she has a Yule Buck!!!” Months passed and I jokingly said to Jen, “Hey, if you’re ever going to get rid of that Yule Buck, let me know, my mom would LOVE it.”

What's a Yule Buck you ask?

The name Joulupukki means 'Yule Buck'. Joulupukki first came about as an evil, goat-like creature. He didn't give gifts to the children and he demanded their good behavior. He used to frighten people. In December, pagan people had big festivals to ward off the Joulupukki.

For some unknown reason, this evil creature transformed into a much kinder, gentler character which closely resembles the American Santa Claus. He is probably a combination of many old folk customs and beliefs from around the world.

While most gift givers around the world deliver thier presents in the middle of the night while everyone is sleeping, the kids in Finland get to see Joulupukki in the act of delivering the presents.

A few weeks passed and Jen said to me, "Were you serious? I asked my mom and we have no real attachment to it." A deal was made and long story short, my Mom now has a Yule Buck and she's extremely happy. Giggle.


Cindy said...

Okay, I have to admit here, you just taught me something I never knew before - Yule Buck - you learn something everyday!

Never can have too many threads.

jillquilts said...

Oh that is too funny about the yule buck! Are they that hard to find? I think I need to leave my thread in the boxes cuz I certainly don't use them as much as you use yours.

Moneik said...

We had one of those yule bucks as a kid too. How funny! I'm sure you'll enjoy being able to see your thread. My mom made plastic covers for hers that work really well. You don't realize how much dust can accumulate until I took the dust cover off.

Improvedliving said...

Oh that is too funny about the yule buck! Are they that hard to find?

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