Monday, February 23, 2009


Take away my machine, rotary cutters and rulers and my stash; my lovely stash, contained behind pretty glass doors - you fooled me.

I don't Own any White on White??? Who was in charge of me on this? I mean, I used to have a chunk; a huge chunk. At least five years of a chunk. It was for my ocean waves quilt. It's yet to be started. I was even planning on starting it shortly, very shortly.

Seriously, no white on white? I only own about 1/3 of a yard of off White on White too.

I woke up early because I had to go to the bathroom. I thought I'd just stay up so I didn't oversleep. I thought I'd make blocks for a secret special project. I need to make four. My triangulations are printed, my purples are in front of me and I can't go on with life because I own no White on White!! But I do own white Fairy Frost. (Mike, I did not make that exists)

I should have stayed in bed.

Must Rectify...


*Don't ask me what DASW stands for. It doesn't even show up on Urban Dictionary. Hopefully it makes Jill snort when she reads it and maybe liquid will shoot out of her nose. Not that she's prone to that, but it sure sounds funny, doesn't it? DOESN'T IT??


jillquilts said...

*snort* And you call youself a quilter! Ha! Month liquid spewing, but there was an incident with thin mint crumbs and my desk. Thanks a lot!

Carol VR said...

I get it...DASW

Dainty and Sweet Wisconsinite...LOL

Veronica said...

I feel your pain! I, too, find myself without WOW especially when needed most. I enjoy reading your blog and I really like your lanyards. Maybe because they look a bit like a rosary? Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to make these? My sis and I would love one. The block roll ups intrigue me but I'm too lazy to make one. lol

Moneik said...

Hmmm I guess you need to find a new store to shop at... I mean seriously I have hardly any stash and I have a 3 yard piece... not because I needed it, but because it was on sale. I keep saving it too. I had a few 1/4yd cuts too that I bought when I needed a bit for a project, but I used a lot of it in Heather's quilt. It's one of those fabrics I need when I need, but don't think to buy, just because.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love my quilt by the way!! Hoave I told you guys that lately.. Smiles.. I have a little bit of WOW but where it is in between two houses I have no idea.