Friday, March 27, 2009


Tonight was our ETPWP night at Patched Works. I took along the blocks from Moneik's Bridal Quilt. I got all of the blocks sized.

Sizing, what do I mean by sizing? Well, I have 60 signature blocks that are square in a square. Those I know measure 6-1/2 x 6-1/2 because I made them. I also have about 64 pieced blocks. I'd bet that maybe 20-25 of those measured 6-1/2 x 6-1/2. The rest measured anywhere between 5-1/2" on any given edge and 6-1/4" on any given edge. Of course, then there was one block that was 10 inches and I needed to creatively cut it down and make it an "interesting design element." So, on most of the blocks I could get away with white borders on 2 sides, some needed it on all 4 sides. I'm hoping this will blend in with the sashing when I start attaching that. HOPE. Keeping fingers crossed. But, one can only do so much with what they've collected!

Now I can start assembling the rows. I hope to get a lot done tomorrow and Sunday.

Here's my schedule. I've crossed out the things that I've completed. I think I'm making great progress.

3/23 - Buy Sashing, Corner Stones, Borders & Backing
-Cut Sashing, Cornerstone and binding strips
3/24 - Sew sashing strip sets, iron and cut
-Sew and iron binding
-Evenly distribute blocks/signature squares and group together by row
3/25 - Make blocks from rows 1-2 to "size"
3/26 - Assemble rows 1-2 and join together
3/27 - Make blocks from rows 3-5 to "size"
3/28 - Assemble Rows 3-5, join and attach to rows 1-2
3/29 - Make blocks in rows 6-7 to "size"
-Assemble rows 6-7, join and attach to 1-5
3/30 -Make blocks in rows 8-9 to "size"
-Design label, have Jill proof
3/31 -Make rows 8-9, join and attach to 1-7
4/1 -Make rows 10 & 11 to "size"
-Print label onto Printed Treasures, sew to iron on interfacing
4/2 - Assemble rows 10-11, join and attach to 1-9
4/3 -Make rows 12-13 to "size"
4/4 - Assemble rows 12-13, join and attach rows to 1-11
- Cut and assemble borders and backing
4/5 - Attach Borders
-Iron label to backing
-cut & seam batting
-load quilt
4/5 - 4/11 Quilt Moneik's Bridal Quilt
4/12 - Square Up, attach binding, Hand Sew four corners.


Moneik said...

I'm sure you had a lot of fun at the party and I know what a challenge sizing can be.

jillquilts said...

Wow! You did get A TON done!!