Sunday, March 15, 2009


I spent all day on Sunday with my laptop. I intended on sewing but, computer nerdedness took over. I’ve been trying to re-create my iPod playlists. I decided to start from scratch and listen to a few seconds of each song to “like it or launch it” so to speak. Well, when you’re going through about 25GB of music, this takes quite some time. By the end of the day I was only about 1/2 way through the project. I have a long way to go before I can leave for Quilt Retreat next month. But, I am finding a lot of songs that didn’t make it onto my iPod the first time around so this is a good thing.

What is up with music genres? Why are there so many choices and who can possibly make sense out of them all? Some of the songs are characterized with the oddest genres…at least in my head they are. I’m sure by the time I’m done, my current system will no longer make sense and I’ll still be moving things around. And I’d like to say to the person who bypassed entering genre’s in the very beginning of ripping cd’s to the computer about three years ago, WTF were you thinking??? (Yep; that was me!) Now I’ve got to look them up group by group and get them added.

When Mike looked at me at about 7pm and said, wouldn’t it just have been worth the $50 some dollars to have someone professional do this, I almost flew off the couch to smack him one. I say almost because my a$$ was perfectly molded into the couch by this point and I couldn’t move had I tried.

It was around midnight that I decided to plug my GPS into the computer to search for updated maps. Stare. Who knew it was going to be a 2 hour ordeal?? Of course I ended up springing for the $69 update. I would have blown it off but I’ve noticed from using it around town that some of the newer roads are missing…like the bypass in Burlington. I didn’t want to chance it not having the updated roads on a trip to Ohio. I’m going to see now if I can formulate a route that will not take us directly through Chicago and possibly route us around the armpit of the universe that is Gary, Indiana which had construction last year and I got routed through the slums.

While we’re talking maps, have you pulled up anything on Google maps lately? I never realized before that you can change your route just by dragging the different arrows around and it actually re-writes your directions. When that’s done, I can zap it onto the GPS. Pretty cool in my book.

I’ve used my GPS enough since Thanksgiving to know that I HATE the standard American voice. She just sounds so bitchy to me. I can’t stand her. For the longest time I was using an Alfred the Elf voice from the Garmin website. Sure, he’s annoying but he doesn’t make me want to reach into the GPS and ring his little neck. So, it was time to let go of the little guy who is constantly looking for cookies and milk and telling me that I could haul a lot of gifts in my sleigh. I began the search to find a fun voice online. Of course, none of the free choices appealed to me. I ended up going with Yoda. You can’t go wrong with Yoda. Sure it’s not the greatest impression of him but it’s much better than my current options. “In 200 feet, turn left you must.”


Moneik said...

Wowzer! I can believe how much time it takes, computers can just suck you in and never let go. I'm going to have to tell my mom about the map updates, that would really help her GPS.

jillquilts said...

Get out of the computer suck! Oh, and on my trip, I didn't hit Gary or Chicago!!

Laurel said...

Where in OH do you have to go? I travel several times a year to Ft Wayne and know alot of the construction avoiding shortcuts. Let me know if you want some help.
How do you like working at Patched Works? I shop there a couple times a year (I work in MKE off of Bradley), usually when I'm looking for something special. PW always has such great displays and samples of projects!