Monday, March 23, 2009

Moneik's Bridal Quilt

About a year and a half ago I got the idea to get blocks from family and friends and make a Bridal Quilt for Moneik out of the Sylvia's Bridal Quilt blocks featured in the Elm Creek series by Jennifer Chiaverini.

Moneik got married LAST JUNE and the blocks are still sitting here unassembled because, well...I'm scared of them. They mean so much to so many people. It's such a LARGE SCALE project that makes me wonder what the heck I was thinking!!

I just realized that there are about 30 days to go before retreat where I'm going to see Moneik...duh, better get her quilt done. DASW?

Here's the design:


The blank spaces is where the pieced blocks will go. The square in a square blocks represent the signature blocks. The quilt will finish around 83 x 104.

Here's a slideshow that represents most (not all) of the pieced blocks. I fell a little behind on the block photography when I was packing to move.


Moneik said...

They look awesome! I can't wait to see this all come together. You're an amazing friend and I'm still amazed at all the blocks.

Beth said...

Don't beat yourself TOO badly on this quilt. I'm STILL mulling over how to quilt a top I made for my husband for our 25th anniversary -in 2005! I think I have figured out at least ONE set of quilting designs. WHEW! Only one more set to go....maybe I will QUILT it this year! HA!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I still have moms quilt that we talked about and it has yet to be bordered.. the only thing that makes me feel better about it is she had another good dr's appointment.. but I need to figure that out as well