Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pillow Shams

I had one Pillow Sham finished for the last week or two before I got around to finishing the other one.

The pillow shams have been on my mind for the last two years. Always meaning to work on them; always had another project come up that needed to take priority.

But at least I now had one done. The other was pinned. All I needed to do was sew around the edge, turn it, topstitch the edge and topstitch the inner border and it would be done. Yet, I put it off for another week. Sigh. I always seem to have a few to-do list items that hang around for a bit. Talk about having a "To-Do List Hangover."


Oh well, I'm just glad it's done now!!


jillquilts said...

They look awesome! Make sure you lay down the ground rules on them with Mike so that he doesn't use them as placemats, too. Giggle

~Kim~ said...

Great job on the pillow shams!!