Saturday, March 21, 2009

Quilt Retreat Name Tags Part 1

I decided that for our little Prolific Online Quilters group that is going to Quilt Retreat in April; that we needed name tags to set us apart a bit. We're an online group and some of us know each other better than others. Some have never really put a name to a face or a first name to a blog name. Since there is going to be about 50 people at retreat, there are all of those new faces as well. So for our 18 Prolific Online Quilters, I'm making cute little name tags.

I started out with an image of a Peep since we've been using the "Retreat with my Peeps" tagline. I added the year in it's belly.


Then I found a font that I liked in my Creating Keepsakes Font Program.


I typed in everyones name and then copied the names over to Microsoft Publisher. I re-colored all of the names to match the color that I made the peep. I made one nametag as the "template" and then as I went I dragged each name over, re-sized it and in a separate text box I added their blog name and where they are from. You can see Becca's in the template here:


While this was an easy was a very time consuming process. For the first few I didn't realize you could select multiple images to re-color and re-size all at the same time. By the time the computer work was done and everything was nudged into place, some fonts needing to be larger or smaller to fit everything I probably had about 8 hours invested.

Here's the result:




As you can see above; I left the "Becca" template in the document instead of deleting it. This way if we have any last minute additions I can just pop them into the template. Or if I need a similar name tag, I can use that template and save myself a lot of time.


kt said...

I very much love your font! excellent selection. very springy. :)

this whole thing, though... it's a little depressing. what about us new englanders? :( I'm not that prolific (in fact I would never use that term to describe my quilting), but I do love retreats! :D

Trish said...

You are the BEST! I am NOT good at putting names to faces, blogs to names, etc and this will make the whole weekend a lot less stressful! Thanks so much!

Jennifer said...

They are awesome! It will be so nice to have them and the rest of the retreaters will just be so jealous. THANKS!!!

jillquilts said...

Oh yeah! They look great and everyone else IS going to be jealous!

Moneik said...

They are amazingly awesome! I will be so proud to wear mine and it will make getting to know everyone so much easier.

Regina said...

kt - I am nearly in New England - if you can get to Rochester, NY I can get you the rest of the way!!