Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Working on my Pillow Shams

When I got home from work tonight I got the red borders attached. Since I wanted to quilt these on the frame I made one boeder reallt large so I could sew the two shams together and trim after quilting.


In looking at my stash I was trying to find something to back the quilted part of the sham with. It really didn't matter what I used because it won't be seen once the shams are assembled. I had this crazy bird panel that my Grandma bought years ago and it was passed along to me when I got her stash. She made me promise not to throw it out. Well the truth of the matter is that birds are not my thing and well, I didn't throw it out, it just won't be seen...giggle.


I quilted it up. I think I may finally have corrected my machines tension issues. It took a LOT of tinkering.


Once off the frame, I cut them to the size that I needed them to be.


Hopefully I can get the remainder of the shams assembled Wednesday night!!


Moneik said...

The pillowshams look great! I'm gonna have to show you how I float...

Barb said...

Those look really great. Will we get to see the whole set once it's done?

~Kim~ said...

Looking great!


Suzan said...

They look terrific!!

Jennifer said...

The pillow shams look great and I really like how you used that fabric from your grandma. Thanks also for showing how you put them together so you could quilt them on the frame...I've been wondering how to do that!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

They are great! I'm sad for the bird fabric though....I actually liked it....giggle! Is this a Harvest Spice moment for me?