Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cutting...will it ever end??

That's how I felt as I hacked up 46 fat quarters to go into a quilt kit to take along to retreat. I swear to god, it felt like it was never ending!! But, I've even got the squares all matched up. I've owned this fabric for almost two years, so I was happy to finally have decided on pattern for it.

retreat prep 003

The fabric line is Pampered Pooch by Moda. It was a Moda made fat quarter pack and I've gotta say, I was extremely disapointed in it. I've bought 3 fat quarter packs from them so far. The other two I didn't think much about because they fit the cutting instructions that I was cutting for. I don't remember if I measured them first or not. For this pattern I needed 17-1/2 inches for my strips. I just assumed - silly me - that they'd be 18 inches. It wasn't due to accuracy of cutting...they were all cut extremely straight, but out of the package they were 17-1/2 inches and considering I still had to straighten the edges up before cutting this meant I only got 2 blocks out of most of them instead of the 3 that I should have been able to get. I'm highly dissapointed. I don't know if they have changed their methods of cutting fat quarters more recently but I can tell you it will probably be a cold day in hell before I go purchasing another stack unless I'm able to spot measure a few here and there to see if they are 18 inches wide.


Piwacket said...

I love the Pampered Pooch line and also Happy Hour. But you're right about feeling cheated in the fat quarters. You and I both know that if a quilt shop cut those fat quarters for you they'd end up being on the generous side instead of too small. I'm sorry you were disappointed. It's a good cautionary tale for the rest of us when buying pre-packaged fat quarters from manufacturers.

swooze said...

Sorry about the shortage. I am working on a quilt using the same fabric line but all in red, white and blue.

Moneik said...

Can't wait to see them in person. I cut out another happy hour quilt to bring along today. It's all packed in my suitcase... Yeah you heard right, I'm completely and totally packed, except for my extra's bag.