Saturday, April 18, 2009


I was just innocently searching for my button box which has been MIA since we moved. I wanted to find my purse magnets because I needed them before I could go any further on Jill's and my Miranda Bags.

I ran across a cute little pile of nine 6-1/2 inch blocks in purples and pinks and my heart sunk.

I immediately texted Jill asking what her blocks looked like. Sure enough, they're Jill's and they got left out of Moneik's quilt. I'm pond scum.

It looks like I'll be making them into a wall hanging. My husband thought hand warmers was a good idea, my mom who has been asleep on the couch since 5pm could only laugh like a frigging hyena.

I guess this will go down in history as the funniest wedding gift they could have received....the blocks that I didn't know that were lost are now found...yet I still have no purse magnets.

I'm not a drinker...but boy this hard lemonade was just what I needed after this horrific revelation.


I managed to get Sherry's scissors lanyard finished today, and the label on Moneik's quilt and packed a bunch of stuff. Now, I'm off to watch Memoirs of a Geisha and create a wallhanging.

I have no words adequate for this screw up. I couldn't make shit up this hilarious if I tried.


Home of Creative Treasures said...

Oh dear!

Regina said...

well - at least you found them BEFORE the quilt was presented and Jill saw it and thought "WTF??? Where are my blocks!"

Barb said...

Of all people to leave out! I'm sure Jill understands though. She seems like such a great person.
Oh, if you like Mike's Lemonade, try Mike's Cranberry Lemonade. It's even better.

jillquilts said...

Yeah, what Regina said! Barb, too! I'm so not upset by it. It happened and life goes on. It's not like you stole a ninja or something from me. Now, that would tick me off!!

Moneik said...

Life happens, at least you found them and we'll have a great wall hanging with Jill blocks. I am so excited I can't sleep waiting to see it.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Im sure that moniek will love her wall hanging.. she can have her quilt in one room and then the walhanging in another.. you were just spreading the special memories