Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabric Shack

Our next stop on Thursday was the Fabric Shack.

moneik 061

This was where we were to meet Regina the incontinent. Giggle. She's gonna kill me for publishing that moniker that Jill gave her. (really it's harmless...but Jill was giving her a hard time that she stopped twice for bathroom breaks on her trip from NY when we told her she could only have one stop. Giggle)

So we get into the shop and Jill calls Regina A to see if she's there. Regina says she's in the bathroom, Jill relays this so I just go on my merry way shopping...not realizing it's a JOKE. So now the joke is on me because I'm the only one not making my way to the back of the store to meet Regina.

Only me right?

So we shopped...and between the 7 of us, I think this might have been where we left the most money behind! I just love that store. The PW is big and has a lot of cool stuff but I see that stuff every time I work. This is just enormous and has lines that are opposite of ours so in person it's all NEW to me stuff.

I picked up this Summer Fun turnover. I'm not sure what I'll do with it yet, but we have some of the yardage at our shop so I'll be able to come up with something pretty cool I think. Maybe a hanging for my front door?


I found the rest of the batiks so that now I can make my Braided Star!! The flower batik is the one that I found at Sew Ezy.


This fabric I had already purchased online a week earlier from the Fabric Shack, I just opted to pick it up while we were going to be in town. You might remember me cutting up some fabric a week or more ago that this will go with.


I also picked up some additional yardage for my Pink Rosie the Quilter wallhanging. You'll see that as well as fabric for a pillow case that I made for Sherry in another post a few posts from now.

We stopped next for lunch and indulged in pie...

Jill Quilt Retreat 020moneik 066Jill Quilt Retreat 021Jill Quilt Retreat 022Jill Quilt Retreat 023100_1524

Moneik must have been snapping the pictures because she didn't end up in them. =(


Infinity Quilter said...

I loved the Fabric Shack! Too bad it's almost 2 hours from where we go on vacation. They have so much fabric! I had a difficult time trying to get a bolt out because they're stacked so tight.

jillquilts said...

Uh, Regina stopped 7 times on her way down. That was a little more than was approved. And she dubbed herself as incontinent when shesaid that 1 stop wouldn't be enough.