Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finishing Frenzy

I decided while at work today that I needed a pillow case to match the quilt that I'm taking with me. I doesn't matter. Giggle. Anyway, I dug up some of the remaining Smore's Fabric and came up with this:


I picked up some more of the purple batik that I used for Moneik's large quilt so that I could add borders to the wallhanging. I had to wash it first but I got it all assembled and I can get it loaded and quilted tomorrow night. I think it turned out rather pretty.


I was also working on a charm party tote. I went to cut the corners to box them only to realize I cut the wrong corners and my pockets would be upside-down. Now I've got it all ripped apart and I can sew it back together tomorrow night also. I figured this would be a "quick" finish so that I'd have a new bag for the trip until I got to retreat and was able to finish my Miranda's now taking longer than I'd hoped. Oh well. I took a picture of this "mess" that I made but for some reason it's not showing up on the memory card. I'm using my old digital camera because it seems that I've misplaced mine. I need to find it before we leave for retreat because there was a reason I got a new one...the old started randomly not focusing and losing pictures here and there. =( I'll be like Jill and get one on the way if need be.

Right after work tomorrow I need to hit Ace Hardware and Sam's club for some last minute things. I'd like to get laundry finished also so that I can start packing up my clothes.


Sandee said...

Jen, the wallhanging is beautiful and will be perfect with the quilt. Looks just like you planed it. Sandy from Wis.

Moneik said...

It's absolutely beautiful! In 2 days I'll be on a jet plane and flying to see you. I lost my camera too, but i think I just left it at work. I want to make that charm party tote, so I'll have to see what yours looks like. I have everything ready, but won't bring it with since I have enough to keep me busy.

Jennifer said...

Cute pillowcase, and the wallhanging is smashing! Can't wait to see them in person!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Very Pretty.. see its not so bad after all


Regina said...

Wow you have absolutely got more energy than I do - I am looking at some things I wanted to do and deciding between sleep/sanity, and getting it all done. Sorry -but sleep seems to be winning. So I will show up with my big canvas non-handmade tote - but will be in a much better mood. Believe me - you will all like me better this way!