Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I bought a label maker the other day. Mom and I figure that we can label our tools before we go to retreat. I'll probably first be labeling at the last minute but that's just the way things go.


A few months back when I bought my laptop, it came with a store gift card. With my gift card I was able to buy a laptop tote, an awesome sounding set of speakers and a new pair of head phones...all with only spending about $20 of my own.

gadgets 002

gadgets 003

It's a good thing that I was able to get the tote with the gift card. My screen is 15.6" and it's wider than the current bag that I own as well as the Messenger bag that I'm making.

Julie gifted me with the most awesome (in my world) cell phone holder. It's a mini croc!! I'll be able to clip it onto my purse or even my sun visor when I've got it in the car. It's the cutest thing ever!!


On Sunday night after my major quilting extravaganza, I was trying to straighten up my mess and realized that I had quite a bit of fabric that needed to be folded. God...I'd like to ask where it all came from but really, I do know better...I know exactly where it came from!! It's still not as much as many people believe that I have but it has grown. However, if I'd get going and make some of the larger quilts that I've got fabrics and backings purchased for, I bet an entire shelf would be cleared off!!


I feel like I should give a tour!!

Top shelf. The first column is reds and blacks that are going to go into a stack and whack quilt that I've got in my head. Second and Third and fourth columns are mostly misc. stuff. I have one quilt back and my jetsons fabric which should get sewn up yet before retreat.

The second shelf. Hmm, blues left over from ocean waves, a quilt backing, blues, greens, purples for a pansy quilt I have going on in my head, a few tote bags of different types, strange moose fabric that I'll probably use to make a pair of PJ pants just so I can figure out what size to make them. Some fabrics to make myself pillow cases.

Third Shelf. The first column is mainly fabrics that I've accumulated that will go into a quilt for Mike. Second column has a bunch of my various snowflake fabrics, and a set of brown fabric that although I think it's georgeous I will probably never use. Third column has a quilt back, a few other random pieces and the fourth column...well that's ALL Wizard of Oz fabric. Seriously, by the time it's all out I'll probably be able to make 5 quilts. Sigh. Well at least it will be a quilt top, a quilt back, pillow case and god only knows what else.

I do have some quarter yards that are earmarked for specific projects that aren't shown but that's because I can't decide how to fold them so that they look pretty!!


Suzan said...

Very nice, Ms. Organized!! :)

Moneik said...

Love the gadgets! How did I know they would all be pink too! Your fabric is so organized. I'm running out of room in mine, so I need to get busy and sew it all up.

Laurel said...

I love the Croc cell phone holder. Do you know where she found it?

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow I wish that mine was that organized.. hmm guess I had better get to work.