Monday, April 20, 2009

I very effectively did NOTHING tonight

Well I guess I can't say nothing, nothing. Mike and I went to Ace Hardware and Sam's Club to pick up some of the last minute things I was looking for. Case of water, camera batteries, hot glue sticks, Plexiglas for purse bottoms, udder crème, pie tins, duct tape….you know…important stuff. Giggle.

I don't drive OUR truck very often because it's Mike's baby. I keep trying to explain that we have equal stake in said truck but he doesn't hear that cause well..he's Mike and this is his dream truck. Well, I'm taking it to Ohio so he's got anxiety. I told him I was starting to think he loved his truck more than Holly and he said no, it's Holly, the truck and then me….that I'm in the top Three…whatev, I get it…a man and his dog, a man and his truck. Giggle. I wanted to drive it a bit before I left because the last time I drove it was when Jill was here in October and even then, that was maybe the 4th time I drove it. Now…let me just say that the other night I pulled into the garage and I saw that the passenger side molding had a car door rub on it. I took a close look at it because I didn't want to get blamed for it! He took it to opening day and I'm guessing that's where it happened. I have a feeling he's going to make me do the "rental car walk around" before I leave. He keeps threatening me that there's still time to rent me an Econo Van just like Mr. T's. And going on this whole skit about how he pities the fool who keeps me from quilting. He's Mike…and he's funny…just ask him. Sigh…WHY???? Anywho, I drove it to Ace and got the whole, "you're going to park here? Really?" And I had to move further out in the parking lot. He makes me NERVOUS!! I drove it to Sam's club and then I declared that I was done.

I found my digital camera so I took a picture of the Charm Party tote that I was working on last night that I had to rip and will be re-doing.


As for the Pie PinCushion, it's now nestled into it's pie tin. Heather had asked about why I wanted to glue it in. Really it's just so if it falls off my table, I don't have tin going one way, pin cushion going another way. The tin isn't for weight, it's just to make the whole thing look freaking adorable.



I'm starting to feel like I need to blog about my Mom cause she's not keeping up with her own blogging. I mean, she's still got easter pictures in her camera and she's said some pretty funny stuff over the last few weeks. Like, she wants to take up the Harmonica. She was all gung ho and going to buy said harmonica but I've yet to see it. Now, when I was a kid, her and some neighbor ladies took a belly dancing class at the YMCA. They had these little finger symbals which have continued to be a running joke for the last 28 years…they come out when you least expect them to. So Mom ran across hers the other day and says to me, "What does this mean? My finger symbals have RUSTED??" I cracked up.


Moneik said...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll meet you tomorrow, it's only a day away! I finished my professional tote last night and got my nails done. I ready to go!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Those pie tins are just adorable! I can't wait to meet you all! Ok...I've got stuff that's rusted, too. Cindy and I may have a lot in common! I'm leaving in two days! Wooohooooo!

Carol VR said...

A belly dancing video would be sooo funny.

Barb said...

I'm really loving that pie tin. It's just too cute!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Your right the pie tin does make the pin cushion!! I love it. Your mom is so silly! My mom hasn't kept up on her blog either.. I'm giving her my old camera because its easier to use and hoping that she will blog about her projects.. Shes like the energizer bunny when it comes to knit and crochet.