Friday, April 3, 2009

Moneik's Bridal Quilt rows 10-13

On my way home from work on Thursday I picked up Bud. It's great to have him back home.


Mom got her quilt loaded and started qulting it.


Thursday night I was able to get rows 10-13 together....and got them sewed to rows 1-9!! I don't have a picture of the whole thing but I've got 10-13 to show you.







While at work on Friday my arm was in sooooo much pain. It's been getting worse since my fall last Sunday. Like at the level of writhing in pain. I decided to go to the walk in clinic for an x-ray. It's not broken but I have a deep bruise on the bone and it will be quite a while until it's healed. In the meantime they gave me 800mgs of Ibeuprofin to take a few times a day and Tylenol 3's. The problem with the ibeuprofin is that it makes me sick every time I take it...lovely.

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Regina said...

Ugh - I can't tolerate the Tylenol 3, so we'd be a pair! Glad it is not broken - 'stay off your arm' and heal fast!!!