Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stitches Quilt Shop

Thursday morning started out with us getting our butts in gear and then waiting for Jennifer to arrive. Once she did, we were on to start our adventure. Lucky for us, she offered to drive so that we could all be together in her mini van.


Our first stop was Stitches. Stitches is a cute little shop, I enjoyed my stop there last year too. I made a pretty friviolous purchase...a bakery bag full of fabric selvedge ends. Now, I know what you're thinking, you're going to do what with them?? Well, I realize I will never take the time to actually cut the selvedges off of each fabric to begin with so I might as well just start off with a bag of them. I have a few specific projects in mind; a notebook cover, a notions bag; little things like that.


It was at this shop that I originally saw the pattern Hot Shots by Maple Island Quilts but they were out of it. I was pretty bummed. I figured I'd have to pick it up online.

My only other purchase was a piece of Frog Fabric that I knew my friend Marilyn was looking for.


Outside of Stitches were some of these Giant Squirrels. In Wisconsin we have Cow that are like this. I guess in Cincinnatti they have Flying Pigs. We thought it would be a good photo op because we found one that was quilted!!

Sherry & Cindy

Jen, Moneik, Jen VN & Jill

Until next stop....

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Moneik said...

Shop hopping was so much fun! I loved all the great ideas I got.