Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Working on Quilted Giftees

On Monday night, Jen came over to quilt a birthday gift for her niece. I should have taken a picture, the quilt was sooo cute. It was Butterfly Fling from Moda. While she did that, I got to work on my quilted giftees.

It's pretty obvious who this fabric goes with (and well I suck at surprises!!)...



I had a small quilted piece left of this fabric so I made it into a makeup bag for myself.


Once I made those two bags, I became hell bent on making bags...

This little guy I'm keeping since it was a little bit of leftover fabric. I'm using it to corral my electronic goodies in my purse (extra cell phone battery, blue tooth headset, Ipod, Headphones)


And another one almost the same size. This might go with my donation.


This one is also part of my donation package.


The purple also matches some things I've made for Moneik, so this one is for her:


I'm not sure where this one will find a home, but I had quilted this fabric when I was testing out the tension on Bud.


All of these little bags are based off of the Lazy Girl Designs pattern for Purse-nickities.

I also got all of my sewing machine pockets cut to size and ready to attach binding which is what I set out to do in the beginning....not make little bags. Grin. Quilter's ADD much??

When Mike went to bed, he went to turn the TV on and the power button fell into it. He couldn't get it to work with the remote either so we thought it was dead. (He's since unplugged it and replugged it and it reset itself and is fine for the time being.) So when I went to bed since I'm of the "need a tv on to fall asleep" camp, I decided to put my laptop on a TV tray next to my bed. I didn't want to be loud, which is funny because it's not like the TV doesn't make the same noise but I digress; so I thought I'd plug my head phones in. Well, I couldn't find them right off the bat so I went to cut into the package of the new ones I just got. I looked before I cut because I didn't want to accidentially cut into the cords. Well, not only did I cut into, but cut completely through both of them because of the bizzare way they had them packaged. I'm pissed. It's not like I can call and get anything out of them for it, I mean it WAS my fault but really why do they have to put everything in hard plastic shells that no one can get into??

Tonight I was working on the label for Moneik's quilt and while I was waiting for her and Jill to proof read it and email it back, I fell asleep on the bed. Two and a half hours later and the night was wasted. I did manage to get the quilt top and backing onto the frame. Tomorrow night I'll piece the batting and get that loaded. Then it's just winding a few bobbins and I'm on my way! I should have it quilted by the end of the week and I'll get the binding put on this weekend.

I also finished reading Memoirs of a Geshia by Aurthur Golden. WOW. It was a GREAT book. I did the audio version and it was almost 18 hours. I think I managed to listen in 4 days? I could not put it down so to speak. It was that good. I hopped on Amazon to order the movie because now I'd really like to see it. Thanks for the recommendation Evil Twin Jen!!

Hmm, what other random stuff can I spout on about?

I just went through the iTunes play list that I created for our Retreat to make sure I didn't have anything too, too obnoxious on it. I really tried to cover everyones music tastes. While flipping through I realized I only own one Cindi Lauper song - Girls Just Want to Have Fun. When I was a kid I LOVED two of her "tapes." So I decided to hop on itunes and sure enough she has a Greatest Hits so I nabbed that. Woot!!

I discovered the Blackberry App Store today. They launched it not too long ago. Some of those apps are pretty slick. I've already downloaded a few. To think, I happened upon it because I went searching for a Milwaukee Brewers Mobile App. I now have a little "M" icon that I can click to get real time Brewer info on the games as well as headlines. This is going to rock!! (remember, I'm easily amused)


jillquilts said...

You are such a goof ball! Giggle. I still think that you should call and complain about the headphones. You can't be the only one who has done that.

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

I hate those packages! You can't get into them! Good to see you found a few things to occupy do you do it all?
Two weeks....that's it! Yippeee!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Wow so productive!! I wish I had your drive and motivation to do things.. Working on getting back in the groove though I promise