Monday, May 4, 2009

An "adventure"

On the way to the Brewer game yesterday Mike and I had a bit of an adventure. We were driving down National Ave when we noticed an erratic driver bouncing all over the road. At 92nd Street he locked up his brakes and almost rear-ended another SUV. By 88th Street it looked like he was going to turn and then almost hit a parked car. As we were nearing 84th Street we passed him and came to a stop at the light. He was now behind us. Mike said we should call him in for drunk driving. I was picking up my phone.

I had just finished saying, we need the light to turn green so he doesn't hit us. When I heard Mike say, Oh boy and Mike took his foot off the break and onto the gas to try to soften the blow because it was obvious he was going to hit us.

And he did.

Mike hops out of the car to talk to this guy, I hop out to dial 911. There wasn't damage but come on with the erratic driving this guy had to be stopped!! First thing this guy does is try to offer Mike $300. Next he admits that he's "a little bit drunk.". Now he gets back into his truck and is going to flee the scene. It's at this point that Mike reaches into the car puts it into park and takes the guys key out of the ignition. Now we've got issues. This guy starts asking Mike why he doesn't like Mexicans. Mike says he's got nothing against Mexicans that its Drunk Drivers he has an issue with. I was beginning to think that it was only a matter of time before this crazy dude pulled out a knife or a gun.

It seemed to take forever for the cops to get there. When they did they called for backup and then an interpreter because all of a sudden this guy spoke no English and would not give them his name. The car he was driving might even have been stolen because the officers were unable to pull up any registration information on the VIN. I can't wait to pick up the police report.

He was headed off to Jail and we went to the game. The officer said he could learn English while he was there. The guy really couldn't understand why he was going to jail. I wish we would have stuck around to see him be cuffed and stuffed.

As we were walking to the game Mike notices that he has a cut on his hand - most likely from pulling the key out so we

made a quick stop into the first aid office where they cleaned him up and advised that he really needs to go for a tetanus shot.

So there's our Sunday adventure and this concludes this episode of "shit so crazy that we couldn't make it up if we tried."


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Only YOU could have this happen! I'm just glad you're ok....and I'm thinking that it might be time for my drivers license story soon....we'll see......
Miss ya!

CatQuilter said...

Thank goodness you're OK! It could have been much, much worse.


Regina said...

Never a dull moment - huh!?

Sandee said...

I am so glad you are both alright!! Do you have season Brewer tickets? Is the stadium very far from you townhouse? I am so enjoying the stories of your retreat. Sandy from Wisconsin.

zarina said...

Tetanus jab - just got it last Saturday when I cut my right foot with the rotary cutter.