Saturday, May 9, 2009

April Quilting Accomplishments

As always I write this list up for my own benefit.  Sometimes days just rush by and it's nice to see things all grouped together.

  1. Made a scissors lanyard for Maureen's belated birthday gift.
  2. Assembled and quilted Moneik's Bridal Quilt
  3. Quilted my "Fresh Emma" wallhanging for my Kitchen.
  4. Worked on Quilted Gifties.  6 zippered bags & 1 Sewing Machine apron.
  5. Made a sewing machine apron for a Moda U Project at the shop.
  6. Finished an additional 10 sewing machine aprons.
  7. Quilted and assembled the covers of a Miranda and my Mini Miranda.
  8. Cut out two Snapshot Quilts.
  9. Cut up pie pin cushion kits as gifts for my peeps.
  10. Finished my own Pie Pin Cushion.
  11. Made a pillow case and a wallhanging.
  12. Finished my Charm Party Tote.
  13. Made additions to my Charm Party Tote.
  14. Made 2 pillow cases.
  15. Made a Rosie the Quilter signature wallhanging.
  16. Made 2 Stitchin Chix Bags
  17. Finished a Miranda


Jamie said...

And I thought I got allot done in one months time but I think you have me beat lol

Julie-Ann said...

Again . . . when do you sleep?!

Cindy said...

I always get tired reading what you get sewn in one months time.