Friday, May 8, 2009

Bye Bye Ohio

On Monday morning, Jill, Moneik and I went to Bob Evans for breakfast and then took Moneik to the airport. Can someone explain to me WHY the Cincinnati, OH airport is in Kentucky?? I just don’t get it. Why isn’t it just a Kentucky airport?

I took some pictures but it appears that every picture I took on Monday has evaporated into thin air. =( INCLUDING a funny picture Jill and I took at Speedway when we stopped for beverages. There was a stack of bagged ice just abandoned on the side of the store as if it was begging to just sit there and melt in the 89 degree sunshine. Sigh.

Jill took me to one last quilt shop…my eighth shop in 6 days. We went to Cabin Arts in Burlington, Kentucky. From the outside it looks like a teeny tiny shop. On the inside though, it’s a completely different matter. Boy, do they ever use their space well! There are bolts of fabric stacked everywhere. I had to borrow some pictures off of their website just to show you all how cute it was.

cabin arts1

cabin arts2

Every shop we stopped at Moneik and I were looking for the new Atkinson Designs book and no one had it. Here we were wandering through Cabin Arts and there it was!! The funny part is, I go to work on Wednesday and we now have it in stock. Sigh. Figures!!


I picked up a couple of batiks that I hadn’t seen anywhere else.


Last summer we had the Quilt Diva fabric in our shop. But of course, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to make so I never bought any. Since I found it, I bought just enough to make a small tote bag.


Jill and I were listening to the radio on our way back to her house. We hadn’t seen any news in days so we were a little shocked by the Swine Flu. Dr. Google had to look it up on her blackberry while Dr. Google’s able assistant drove. So I’m reading this description and it’s rattling off the normal list of who may be the most affected…Elderly, young children, people with already compromised immune systems and animals such as ferrets. I keep reading and Jill busts out laughing. Ferrets?? Did you just throw that in there? Giggle…now had it been Mike reading the article, sure, I can see Ferrets just randomly being thrown in there but no…there it was right on my screen. …And Ferrets. So now, just about everything we talk about ends in…and ferrets.

So now Jill and I get back to her house thinking my Mom and Sherry will be ready to leave but they’re watching the news and tracking a huge band of thunderstorms so it’s decided we sit a while and wait. This of course put the driver seriously on edge and from that point on, the trip home became very, Very, VERY long. But, it is what it is.

Now Jen V was also driving home on Monday but she was stopping in Chicago to meet a friend for dinner. So, she left an hour before us, stopped in Chicago and shopped for an hour, had dinner for two hours and still managed to pass me just past Chicago.

I don’t remember what time we dropped my mom off at her house but I had Mike meet us there to help unload her since it was raining. He then drove Sherry home and we didn’t pull back into our house until 11:30. Ugh, why didn’t we leave earlier? Why didn’t I take Tuesday off??


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Oh...what fun we all had! I wanna go back! We could giggle and make up stupid jokes and ... and ... and ferrets!

CatQuilter said...

Did they mean the human variety of ferrets?

I'm with One I....I wanna go back!

Cindy said...

I want to go back too but not to a top bunk, never again. Hey we could have left earlier you just had to say the word and we would have been out of Jill's in a flash.

Regina said...

when do we go back??? I can be packed in a flash - heck, some stuff never got UNpacked!