Friday, May 22, 2009


Tonight was Evil Twins Patched Works Party at the shop. We had nine ladies and since one had twisted her knee and couldn't make it downstairs to the class room, we moved everybody upstairs.

Novelty Room

Batik 6

I only took one project with me...scraps. We all know I hate dealing with scraps but I have a red, white & blue project that I'm working on and I decided to make backings ala Sherry. Sherry takes 10" squares and sews them all together for a scrappy backing. I needed 45 each of red, white and blue. I thought it would take all night to cut out of my crap...opps I mean scraps. Well, after about 2 hours I was done and looking for a new project.

I decided to buy a book and some fabric and make Mike a quilt. Clothworks just put out this really cool golf fabric so that's what I'm using.


Julie-Ann said...

I bought the same book, remember! Her books are very easy to understand and I bought 2 more since I've been down here in Atlanta visiting my sister. I'm making my great nephew an Irish Chain quilt for his 18th birthday, but it will have an off white background with different shades of green.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I saw that book this weekend and almost bought it but vowed to work on something that I had already started.. Too bad I spent the weekend preparing and cleaning up after a party that was supposed to be 10 people and turned into 25+.. I could still kill our room mate.. Long story .. frown..