Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

(Obviously posted days after the fact because I never hit save!!)

The kittens are still hanging out in the window well. Mamma cat comes and goes. She seems to be gone more today and yesterday than she was on Saturday. When Mom and I were at Walmart earlier I broke down and bought some cat food. I put it on the top of the window well so that Mamma can eat it as the kittens appear to still be nursing. Mike seems to keep catching them playing and I seem to keep missing it. I just see sleepy kitties. They've now been given names. The orange kitten is Tigger, the grey is Stormy and the black is Midnight - Mamma, well we've decided she's just Mamma.

On Sunday after work I ran over to my Mom's. She was pet sitting for Tina's puppy Geo. I got a few really good shots of him. He's a St. Bernard Mix.   

Seriously though, why does Webshots feel the need to fade in and out through a slideshow to have the pictures coming from all angles?  Do they not know that 90% of peoples pictures just don't work with that format?  Just give me straight on pictures for cryin out loud!!


Jennifer said...

That is one cute dog...hope you mom had a good time with him.

Moneik said...

Very cute dog!