Monday, May 11, 2009

Holly Got Mail…

Right after quilt retreat I got a check in the mail from my friend Michelle to go towards a project we’re working on.  Holly ate it.  I swear my dog has something with the mail, she finds it yummy.  She’s done this a few times before.  Today, my beast got her own little note in the mail telling her NOT TO EAT what was inside.  I realize she can’t read but it makes me giggle to put her note up by her dishes.   Thanks for making me crack up Michelle!

misc 001

I had my first batch of pictures printed from my new camera and as if I wasn’t impressed with how cool they looked on my laptop, I sure was impressed with the prints.  I got a little worried before I sent them in because I had amped up the color on some of them but they came out looking gorgeous!!

misc 002

The clutz in me has to admit that I had a little problem while taking those close-ups.  I sorta got pollen on my lens.   This really wouldn’t be a big deal if it were an SLR and I could put a UV filter on as protection but it’s not.  I found online a place called Lensmate that makes a delrin ring that will snap on and then give me the option to screw on a UV filter.  Now I’ll just need to pick up a 58mm filter considering all the ones I have are 72mm.  It’s always something isn’t it?

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Julie-Ann said...

Ohhhhh! You did get pictures taken of your grandma's hand and it is BEAUTIFUL!

P.S. I added my email to my blog.