Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It’s Thunder Storm Season

This means a scared Holly.  To say Thunder Storms freak her out just a bit would be mild.  While I was at quilt retreat Mike was joking around about Holly sleeping on his head during a storm.  I’ve seen it before.  But this…this is something new…

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Yep, you’re seeing it right she climbed up ON TOP of the arm rest of the couch, ON TOP of two pillows…teetering her ‘carcass’ on the edge of the couch and I think resting her weight on the coffee table for balance.  

If she wasn’t such a LARGE dog, I’d consider this cute…but right now, it’s just freaking funny!!!



Piwacket said...

Poor Holly! Isn't it hilarious how big dogs don't realize just how big they are! She just wants to make sure Mommy keeps her safe during those scary storms.

Julie-Ann said...

Gracie runs around and barks during storms. She use to shake, too, but has gotten over that. Same thing for fireworks. She's a yipper!

Holly is a sweetheart and looks like a big cuddler, too.

swooze said...

Oh gosh I have one of those. He jumps on our bed and stands over our head panting til he is drooling drippy on our head and pillow. Yuck!