Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sad to see Sunday come

My mom slipped and fell coming out of her bunk bed on Saturday morning so on Saturday night I was going to sleep in her top bunk only as I was setting up to go up into it, the lights in the hallway went out and I was blind in the dark (Gee, thanks Jen V!!) I decided to go down to the lounge to sleep on a couch which is where Jill found me on Sunday morning. We had some breakfast and then it was time to sew.

I finished the Miranda Day Bag that I started making for Jill's birthday present LAST year. What can I say, I needed a really long Miranda break after my teaching debacle.


When we got back to her house I sewed in some clips so she can pull the bag in to get a better waistline.


The wooden handles were also put on too...I had actually brought them with me to give to her last year so it would be one less thing to ship. And well, here I am one year later finally giving her the purse. Now I feel like I'm back in the purse making mood!

At lunchtime we celebrated Jen V's birthday.


The toothpicks were supposed to represent birthday candles.

Everyone got a good laugh at my Kool-Aide red tongue.


Before everyone packed up to leave we had one thing left to do, take group pictures!  I'd like to know where our extended upwards hands pictures ended up?  Who has them????  I NEED ONE!!


Retreat with my Peeps
First Row: Patti, Regina D, Sherry, Cindy, Jen Vogel, Cathy
Second Row:  Jennifer Victory-Newberg, Jen B, Moneik, Linda, Becca, Jill
Third Row: Bonnie, Tess, Terry, Trish, Regina A

A cute shot of me and Jilly Beans:

Jill Quilt Retreat 051
And one of Moneik and I
moneik 201

And then things got out of hand...giggle.

moneik 199

Mom, Me & Jen Vogel

Jen & I
Mom & I

One of Jill, Moneik and I with the infamous 9 missing blocks wallhanging...

cindy quilt retreat 164

And one final shot of Moneik's Bridal quilt before it's being shipped off to South Dakota:

cindy quilt retreat 162

By the time we got back to Jill's and made ourselves some Cheech Splashes, my mom was toast. She was a bit tired and quite in pain from her fall. She curled up on the couch and that was the end of her.

cindy quilt retreat 176

While mom was napping, Jill, Moneik, Sherry and I were reading blogs and decided to set one up for Sherry.  She will now forever be known as "AngryWhiteWomanQuilts."  Well, as soon as I show her how to go about doing the actual blogging part.  


Cindy said...

I just looked through all the pictures on my camera and I don't have the one with all of our hands up. OK, whose got it? I'd like to print a group shot like that and hang it in my sewing area.

Piwacket said...

I love the picture of the purse in the foreground and Jill looking so teeny in the background. It reminded me of the HUGE Longaberger Basket positioned on the lawn by their headquarters. It looks like all of the Peeps could fit into it! :-)