Saturday, May 2, 2009

Valley Quilts

On Friday morning we packed up our cars...oh what a project that was!!

moneik 082

moneik 084

moneik 085

moneik 086


We had an odd number of people driving up to retreat so I was driving solo. I managed to get separated from the pack so I went a different way and well...I stumbled across another quilt shop!!

Jen B Quilt Retreat IMG00268

Boy, did I have fun!!




And I STILL ended up getting to retreat about 45 minutes before the rest of the group!!!


Laurel said...

I love reading about your retreat. You sound like you had so much fun! I know you went to Ohio (Columbus??). But where were all these great quilt shops you found? I'm so jealous!

Regina said...

Yeah - we stopped for a long lunch and I think you did drive through???

But another quilt shop was a bonus!!!

Cindy said...

Hey we needed food and of course we just had to stop. My first time at a Bob Evans and it was great especially the home made hot rolls that tasted just like my mothers.