Sunday, May 3, 2009

We've Finally Arrived at Retreat!!

Without further ado…the actual quilt retreat posts begin now…

I arrived at quilt retreat and besides a few of the other coordinators; I was the only one there. They looked at me like I was crazy being at retreat so early but once they heard I had a truck full of donations their tunes changed a bit and I began to unload. By the time the rest of my gang arrived my truck was empty (convenient if you ask me). Of course, that didn’t solve the situation of what was getting put where.

Jill and I had made a seating chart for our gang based on tables set 5 per row and when we got there we realized we only had 4 per row. I pulled out the name tags and started arranging them as best we could.

Row 1 – Moneik, Jill, Jennifer VN, Sherry
Row 2 (facing Row 1) – Jen V, Jen B, Regina A, Cindy

Row 3 – Cutting Station, Trish, Bonnie, Becca
Row 4 (facing row 3) – Cathy, Linda, Regina D, Patti

Row 5 – Tess, Terry

Friday – Retreat arrival and unpacking

The closest I came to having a picture of my set up is one that Moneik took from her side of the table.

moneik 097

The first project that I worked on was pillow cases. I made one with fabric that I bought at the Fabric Shack for Sherry a.k.a. Angry White Woman (who now has a blog but has yet to post to it). It’s Democrat Fabric. All political affiliations aside, Sherry worked on Obama’s campaign, had some campaign signs stolen from her house and the rest is history. To commemorate the event I decided a pillow case was in order because no one could steal it from her.



The second pillow case was with the left over fabric from Linda’s comfort quilt. I just didn’t get it done before we presented her with her comfort quilt.


I should talk about the quilt! About two months ago we decided to make Linda a comfort quilt and present it to her at retreat. We had it folded up and sitting on her table waiting for her. Of course, she started looking at all the other items that were on her table. Finally I had to say, “Can you just stop talking and really LOOK at what’s on your table?” Then we still had to tell her…that quilt, that’s for YOU!! She opened it and was totally blown away.



moneik 103

moneik 106

This year we actually had a snack table. Last year it was mentioned that we bring snacks. Someone assumed it was to have a snack table. When we didn’t have enough tables to dedicate one to snacks someone totally flipped out about it. We decided this year to take our own table to make a snack table and thus, this was born:

Jill Quilt Retreat 025

However, the table was so full and stacked so nicely that no one really got around to eating what was on the table and about 90% of it went back home with us.

I don’t think we were even unpacked yet when out of no where my mom bought a 1936 Featherweight from a lady that had one along to sell. She’s pretty excited! She named it Viola (I think)

Jill Quilt Retreat 031

Here’s Sherry with her new Featherweight named Sally Ann.

Jill Quilt Retreat 030

I'll make you wait a day for the continuation of Friday's Fun!


Cindy said...

I think we were all to busy talking and laughing to attack the snack table. And yes, I named her Viola Francis after my Grandmother.

Kelly's Kwips said...

Jen, your retreat looks like so much fun. What wonderful friends you have, I love the quilt they made you. I like the Democrat pillowcase too. We had people steal Obama signs around our town too.

Enjoyed the story about your car wreck, glad you're all ok.

I'm amazed at the number of quilts and projects you get done each month. I have just worked on 2 that I started a year and half ago! Any I get done is an accomplishment.

I'm working on my t-shirt quilt, really worried about quilting it. I will post it soon, any tips on quilting? I put the backing behind all the t-shirts, I was disappointed because I bought 2 different kinds of fusible, and one sews much better than the other, but can't remember what it was to buy for future quilts. I'm just going to stipple it.

You're an inspiration to me for sure!

Piwacket said...

It's not often that I'm speechless, but I really was about the quilt. It's in my family room on the couch and each time I look at it, or wrap myself in it I'm just overwhelmed and humbled. I'm reminded of the words in "Saving Private Ryan." I feel I must live up to the love and honor bestowed on me. Thank you all so very much. Also, I love the pictures and will include them on my blog.